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WTF MSM!? Dan Rather’s new job?

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Media shakeups …

Disney and Fox … A Disney/Fox deal had been the subject of rumors for the past few weeks. The full deal was announced today. Readers asked this morning whether Disney would get Fox News as part of the deal. That is not happening. I answered that question and more this morning at Conservative Review.

Reunited with News Corp? … In 2013, News Corp. split Fox off from its core publishing properties, resulting in a new News Corp (sans period) and the 21st Century Fox Corporation. News Corp is the home to newspapers such as the NY Post and the Wall Street Journal. With the focus of the “new Fox” on news and sports, there has been increased chatter that News Corp will reacquire those parts of Fox not being sold to Disney. This makes sense in that there is significant overlap in the news-gathering infrastructure of both companies.

Tavis Smiley suspendend … Another day, another media personality is suspended from a media network. Yesterday it was Tavis Smiley. PBS suspended the host of the eponymous “Tavis Smiley Show” amidst sexual misconduct accusations. As I said, when Time named the #metoo movement as its “person of the year,” there has been no story this year that has affected more areas of society than the avalanche of women and men coming forward to detail sexual misconduct by the powerful. Smiley is unrepentant and has promised to “fight back.”

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