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WTF MSM!? Free speechless

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The wonderful First Amendment

Welcome back … I hope you had a meaningful Memorial Day weekend, remembering those who died to ensure our freedoms. As you have that second cup of coffee at your desk, remember that this week looks to be jam-packed with MSM gaffes and overstatements. It has been widely reported that President Donald Trump is going to fire “the leakers” this week and overhaul his White House operation. That will lead to lots of hot takes. Buckle up, we’re in for a wild ride.

Speaking of Memorial Day … Our friends at Twitchy highlighted the responses to a Vox thinkpiece “crapping on the Marines.” The social media team at Vox thought Memorial Day was a great time to tweet out a link to a story with the caption, “The Marine Corps has a ‘toxic masculinity’ problem.” ON MEMORIAL DAY! The internet was not kind.

That stinking First Amendment … The HuffPost got a much needed lesson in the First Amendment over the past week. In a post entitled, “Stop Using Free Speech as an Excuse to Be Awful,” a writer at the publication made the argument that the First Amendment doesn’t “protect hate speech.” The editorial staff at the HuffPost let that slide, until they found out it does and had to print a retraction: “An earlier version of this story indicated that the First Amendment never protects hate speech. It does.” File under, they just don’t teach stuff in school any more.

Women-only “Wonder Woman” … The Alamo Drafthouse theater chain has a promotion for women-only screenings of the new motion picture “Wonder Woman.” When people – including many women – complained that they wouldn’t do this for a “men-only” event, Salon went into overdrive. Ignoring the fact that a “women-only” event may in fact be illegal under anti-discrimination laws, Salon’s writer wrote, “The problem, of course, is that the people making these arguments aren’t doing so from a reasonable place.” Except, probably, the law.

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