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WTF MSM!? Indoctrinate Me Elmo

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No Z Cavariccis?

CNN <3s Obama’s dungarees … CNN is facing a crisis in news reporting. It has been unmasked as promoting a ratings-driven agenda instead of merely reporting on the news. Faced with this crisis, what did the team at “CNN Politics” do? They published a story about how much greater Obama looks in sharper jeans choices post-presidency. No, really, they did.

Stelter still playing the victim … CNN’s Brian Stelter, again in his daily email, continues to play the victim card for his profession. This is what happens when you shine light on people doing things they pretend they aren’t doing. They squirm, they make excuses, and they doth protest too much.

Now Van Jones on tape downplaying Russia … In another undercover recording, James O’Keefe and company have Van Jones on tape downplaying the Russia story as a “nothingburger.” You can watch it here.

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