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WTF MSM!? Kevin Spacey’s Get Out of Trouble Free card?

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Mueller gets Manafort …

Friday night leaks … The speculation — who are we kidding? Everyone knew it would be Manafort — about impending indictments and arrests by Robert Mueller was leaked to CNN on Friday. CNN ran with the story about the indictments without naming who would be indicted. CNN talking heads then ran all weekend with the notion that Trump’s focus on the Russian uranium deal was to distract from the indictments. We found out on Monday that the indictments have nothing to do with actions taken by Manafort or his business partner regarding work either did for Trump (PDF).

Classic obfuscation … Over at National Review, former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy lays out the ways in which the media are obfuscating for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party when it comes to Fusion GPS and the Trump dossier. Here’s McCarthy’s key point: “Had Hillary won, there would still be collusion with Russia, but we’d be hearing that line that Clinton-administration scandals made an eight-year refrain: Everybody does it!” Exactly …

Speaking of obfuscation … The Boston Globe ran a headline over the weekend saying: “Trump dossier was result of website with GOP connections.” That is blatantly false. The reporting around the Free Beacon-Fusion GPS arrangement notes that the Free Beacon product was in no way related to the Christopher Steele-produced dossier.

Important to note … The Free Beacon reported on the Fusion GPS story multiple times without disclosing the publication’s ties to the organization. That is concerning.

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