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WTF MSM!? No Moore Strange

Conservative Review

Alabama’s earthquake …

Establishmentarians sad … Last night, conservative grassroots candidate Roy Moore destroyed Mitch McConnell’s establishment candidate in the Alabama Senate primary. It wasn’t even close. Afterwards, the establishment Republican chattering class, like Bill Kristol, started up with outlandish claims, like this tweet from Kristol: “Jones could have a shot at upsetting Moore in the AL general. Would be the Scott Brown-Martha Coakley special in reverse.” I know both Martha Coakley and Scott Brown. Let me tell you, Roy Moore is no Martha Coakley.

They think this was about Trump … Talking heads on the Left and Right think that the Alabama results somehow were about Trump. From Rick Wilson’s tweet: “Oh. Hello, #ALsen you just became a part of @ETTDFilm [Everything Trump Touches Dies]” to Time magazine’s Zeke Miller, who was perplexed that Mike Pence congratulated Moore. Last night wasn’t about Trump; it was about the grassroots fighting back against the Swamp.

It’s all about McConnell … Was Alabama Mitch McConnell’s Waterloo? Politico does a good job here of breaking down Mitch’s really, really bad day.

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