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WTF MSM!? Our rights come from God, not man

Conservative Review

They just don’t get it …

NYT fauxservative Stephens rails against natural law … Some while ago, the New York Times trotted out a new “conservative” columnist, Bret Stephens. The problem is, the man is a coastal elite with no firm grasp of foundational conservative philosophy rooted in natural law. Case in point is today’s drivel, in which he argues for repealing the Second Amendment and for the dangerous premise that our rights come from the Constitution. Note to Stephens the “conservative”: Our rights come from God and were enshrined in the Bill of Rights to protect them from government.

Which other rights? … There have been a lot of gun-grabbers — like Stephens — sounding off in the media and celebrity circles over the past week. But they don’t understand the fundamental reason the Second Amendment exists and the way it protects the other rights enshrined in the Constitution. I went through how other rights are now at stake and asked folks like Stephens: What other rights are negotiable? Share this one around! These are points that the gun-grabbers must be confronted with.

Chris Matthews slurs gun rights advocates … When you don’t understand the Constitution and the source of rights as natural things you are born with, not granted by government, you get Chris Matthews. On Tuesday, Matthews compared those who believe in natural rights, including that of gun ownership, to the North Vietnamese. Our friends at NewsBusters have the story.

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