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WTF MSM!? Spy or not a spy, that is the question

Conservative Review

Um …

Stelter on spying … This is absolutely hilarious and something I had completely forgotten about. Back in 2016, CNN media critic/cheerleader told colleague Chris Cuomo that when he was in college, he believed Fox News assigned an employee to “spy” on him by dating him. Today, Stelter bristles that anyone would call it spying to fish for information from someone and report back to your bosses about what you find. Twitchy has the details on this hilarious double standard. File under “honeypot.”

“Deception” … Speaking of Stelter, his newsletter last night was once again him saying things by not saying them. In this case he talked about a “deception campaign” by the president. Or did he? Because he put “deception campaign” in quotes. So you see, it was really Anderson Cooper who was saying it. Stelter just wrote a whole section on it. Funny how he rarely puts in quotes that would disrupt his narrative, isn’t it?

The obfuscation is strong in this one … If there were a Pulitzer Prize for media obfuscation, Jay Willis deserves it for this piece at GQ. Willis writes:

This is how conservative media transformed a small news item into a full-blown conspiracy theory that the president (apparently) believes to be true.

In this piece, Willis even breaks down the multiple stories confirming that human intelligence assets of the FBI approached the Trump campaign. But you see, it wasn’t spying. This reminds me of back in early 2017, when LevinTV host Mark Levin put together that there was surveillance of the Trump campaign by the FBI. Levin took the media’s own reporting and pieced it together. That is apparently now a sin.

Each and every media report is carefully crafted to leave out information that the media doesn’t want you to know. So when you bring together multiple media reports that paint a different narrative from what the media wants, that’s a major problem.

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