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WTF MSM!? The return of ‘America’s wrongest reporter,’ Brian Ross

Conservative Review

This should go well …

“America’s wrongest reporter” … There aren’t many things Gawker got right, but on ABC News’ Brian Ross, they were spot-on. The former website called Ross “America’s wrongest reporter” back in 2012 —correct then and correct now. You’ll remember that in December 2017, Ross was suspended for a false report about President Donald Trump and Mike Flynn. Tonight on 20/20, Ross will be back on the air.

In a press release, ABC said, “Brian Ross investigates the crimes and the failure of ankle bracelet monitoring to prevent them.” What could possibly go wrong?

So, what are you wearing? … On Wednesday, the Boston Globe announced that it has opened an investigation into allegations by a former employee that its editor-in-chief, Brian McGrory, harassed her. Hillary Sargent, a former editor of the paper’s Boston.com website, tweeted a screenshot of what she claimed was a text message from McGrory asking, “What do you generally wear when you write?” Who does that?

The paper has filed a legal motion saying that Sargent has not cooperated with its investigation and is in violation of the terms of her separation agreement. The paper alleges that it can’t find evidence that the text in question was sent while she was an employee. Does that really make it better?

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