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Abortion Is A Betrayal To Child And Self


Motherhood makes us better people and brings our biological purpose into sharp relief.

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The doctor held up my daughter for me to see, and my life changed in a nanosecond. Trite and cliché, yes, but it was an amazing and life changing revelation, like a religious experience. Understanding that kind of love is the miracle that is your child - to know, unequivocally, that you will do or be anything for this child. You will die for her without hesitation. This is the moment you perceive your purpose, know your place in the universe, and grasp the answer to the ultimate question..."Why am I here?"

Biology gives women the supreme responsibility for propagation and protection of our species. It informs every moment of a woman's life from the moment she sees that plus sign. Through the wonder, the fears, the crying and the laughter, motherhood makes us who we are meant to be, and gives us a life that means more than our own. Motherhood powerfully encompasses what it means to be a woman. It's a very special club to which you now belong.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock. Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

This is the science of the biological imperative. Hard-wired into our physiology are chemical reactions that cause us to bond and love our children more than life itself. Hurting children is against our instinct, a violation of nature. It's a betrayal of the highest order, the ultimate traitorous act.

This begs the question, how can we as a people support abortion? I can't wrap my head around the concept. It's not "a women's health" issue. Abortion is the termination of a child's life. Woman's health is something different.

I never considered abortion personally, yet I was uncomfortable with making it illegal. Propaganda is persuasive, especially to a young woman. Then I found myself pregnant and unmarried at age 25. Having had a strict religious upbringing, it was tough telling my parents. I didn't know if my boyfriend would stick around, and I was terrified. But difficulty does not justifiy the destruction of life.

Regardless of terminology, a "clump of cells" is a baby. It has a DNA map at conception. From Ingender: "At last, the nuclei of the egg and sperm fuse; the egg and sperm cease to exist individually as they unite to form a zygote... at this moment, the life of a new and unique human being begins. This singular genetic blueprint, defining every trait of this new person...can never be changed."

It won't become a daisy. Clinical phraseology is specific and purposeful. To rationalize killing a baby one must dehumanize the child in sterile, scientific terms. The threats of "returning to back alleys" and "taking away healthcare" perpetuate fear, but the science behind our biological imperative is both primary and irrefutable.

Sadly, in addition to ripping life from its protective cocoon, abortion strips women of their miracle. With few exceptions, motherhood makes us better people by putting the needs of others before our own, and bringing our biological purpose into sharp relief. Our purpose is to save the world and ensure the continuity of our species. That's pretty awesome.

Abortion is murder. Regardless of culture, murder is morally wrong. An exception allowing mothers to legally kill offspring is a rejection of civilization. Abortion is the antithesis of enlightenment, the essence of man's inhumanity to man.

We sanction murder for convenience because we don't want stretch marks or sagging breasts? Or because we have no control over sexual impulses? We're not animals. We have always had choice; we are expected to exercise it at an earlier, more responsible time. Abstinence, birth control, and distraction, all are available and without prejudice.

There is a loving alternative. It takes tremendous strength to acknowledge that your child is better off without you. It is the ultimate gift to give your child a better future. Pregnancy is long, not easy, and not always comfortable. It changes both mind and body and leaves scars. I believe, however, that abortions leave deeper and more painful scars that haunt and adversely affect the psyche, and with which a woman may never come to terms.

Planned Parenthood receives approximately $500 million of public money annually. Half a billion dollars could do so much to further the cause of adoption. Families opt for foreign adoption because domestically it is thought to be onerous and expensive, a misconception. From Adoptive Parents: "Despite persistently negative and sensational media coverage, domestic adoption today is more transparent than ever before, and increasingly defined by healthier choices for birth families and adoptive families alike." Creating solutions making adoption a viable option within our borders is the moral choice, and also makes sense financially, culturally, and psychologically.

I used to agree with exceptions for rape and incest, but less so lately. Rape and incest are barbarous and dehumanizing, but if the best "fix" is to scramble and suck a child out of the womb with a vacuum, we've abandoned our humanity. It is entirely probable that with counseling, assistance, and love, the baby would be a cathartic gift borne of an admitted evil. It doesn't make sense to remove the child, the only "good" that can result from such atrocity.

Children are a gift, no matter how they come to us. These pregnancies should be a time of healing and that tiny life, joy from the pain. I don't want anyone to feel they are being raped again and again for nine months, but answering evil with evil is wrong. Changing that perception is a matter of cultural conditioning, of recognizing that in the murder of a child, the ends never justify the means.

With medical breakthroughs, the "health of the mother" argument is largely spurious because it happens with rarity. In the isolated case that the mother's life is endangered, the decision is between doctor and patient. It is fraud, however, to suggest that stretch marks and hemorrhoids constitute a psychological threat to the mother's life.

Abortion as means of contraception must end. It's brutish to say, "Oops!" and "get rid of it" like trash. Abortion is murder. I stand for life.

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