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America Needs Less Democracy
(Karl Knigton)

America Needs Less Democracy

We were never meant to have a democracy. Progressives have only made us think we were.

We Americans have been fed the absurd notion that democracy is the pure representation of American government and that voting is central to our individual freedom.

It’s not.

Democracy is the passionate demands of a population motivated by anger, greed, and entitlement, but very rarely common sense. This is what democracy looks like. If you don’t believe me then you haven’t been paying much attention to American politics.

(Karl Knighton)

Just look at which presidential candidates are getting the most media coverage and think about the things they have been saying and where they stand in democratic polls. The top three (Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders) could easily represent anger, greed, and entitlement in that order.

So let’s get over this myth that democracy is the solution for all our social and political ills. In reality it’s little more than a fix-all elixir being sold by progressive political quacks. Regardless, it has been infecting every level of our constitutional republic for more than a century.

The motives of those shouting for democracy should always be suspect.

Our nation’s founders understood the importance of a limited amount of democracy within our constitutional republic. Even the Electoral College process is organized to prevent more populous states from maintaining a mob like control over the office of president. The Electoral College tempers true democracy in order to protect state and individual rights.

And although we were meant to democratically elect individuals from our own communities to the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate was never meant to be subjected to the mob rule of a popular vote.

The founders wanted to ensure our Constitution could repel “the hasty, intemperate, passionate desire of the people.James Madison described the Senate as a governmental body to “protect the people against their rulers” and “to protect the people against the transient impressions into which they themselves might be led.”

In order to ensure these protections they gave the power to elect U.S. senators to the state legislative bodies. This is how they chose to insulate the Senate from popular transient agendas while at the same time tying the interests of the states to the federal government.

This insulation is ultimately what progressives despised about the system. They wanted an organization they could influence by manipulating the “passionate desire of the people” for their own purposes.

Near the beginning of the 20th century the progressive movement openly slandered our nation’s founding document as an “ancient and aristocratic constitution, changed once, away back before the middle of the last century, but still an archaic document for class rule.”

Sound familiar?

The progressive democracy camp was responsible for a 1906 Cosmopolitan series of articles entitled “The Treason of the Senate.” The articles were part of a major progressive initiative which ultimately led to statewide popular elections of senators in 1913 with the adoption of the 17th Amendment.

The change was based on the premise of getting money out of politics. Senate History outlines the change in this way:

As originally adopted, the Constitution provided for the election of senators by individual state legislatures. In the years following the Civil War, that system became increasingly subject to bribery, fraud, and deadlock. As Congress took on a greater role in shaping an industrializing nation, those with a major business stake in that development believed they could best exert their influence on the U.S. Senate by offering financial incentives to the state legislators who selected its members.

The progressives are still out there hyping the same arguments about the influence of money in government that they were making a hundred years ago. Judging by the amount of money being spent in politics today the change obviously hasn’t worked… at least not as it was sold to the American people.

The changes were in fact successful in making it easier for exterior forces to manipulate the “transient impressions” of voters in order to push an unconstitutional agenda.

You don’t have to look any further than Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, or Dianne Feinstein to find evidence the Senate is no longer the world’s greatest deliberative body it was intended to be. The Senate is now a reactionary body, driven by the democratic votes of a manipulated population.

Democracy is the reason progressives have been able to stack the Supreme Court with so many anti-Constitutional Justices. Democracy is the reason we have Obama-Care. Democracy is the reason we are in a constant struggle to protect our Constitutional rights from an overreaching Federal government. All this and more because the Senate was made into a democratic tool for the progressive agenda.

America has suffered enough from the problem of democracy; it’s time to repeal the 17th Amendment. We need to place the Senate back under the control of our State Legislative representatives as intended by our Founding Fathers.

America needs less democracy.

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