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Article Five Activism Is Gaining Steam in America


Recent enthusiasm for an Article Five Convention is encouraging and any Republican candidate for president should take the torch and run with ot.

This week, a group of nearly 100 state legislators from 32 states gathered at Mount Vernon to demand an Article Five ConventionSuch is the vigor of their cause, I predict demanding an Article Five Convention will become a litmus test for all Republican presidential candidates in 2016. 

The Tea Party, libertarians, conservatives, moderate left-wingers (like Lawrence Lessig of Harvard Law) as well as even elitists and very many populists are going to demand it - just like they did in demanding that all Republican candidates in 2012 pledge to repeal Obamacare.

This blossoming movement - and its highly intelligent and history-minded activists - feels empowered, and is eager to confront the Obama machine which has ignored and trampled Constitutional protections and ushered in an era of presidential lawlessness.

Three activists in particular - Kevin Gutzman, Mark Levin, and Mike Church - have led the charge for an Article Five Convention in the last four years.  They have done so amidst extraordinarily negative political attacks against them, but their relentless efforts are now reaping results, and from South Carolina to Indiana to Michigan and beyond, there is a palpable sense that America will have an Article Five Convention within three short years.

Mike Church. Photo Credit: MikeChurch.com 

The American people have simply had enough with this runaway federal government and its assaults on our freedoms!

The Constitution - as national known conservative radio activist Mark Levin points out - has been torn to shreds; taken over by a vast and unconstitutional bureaucratic state, and a horrific White House political apparatus. Both are as incompetent as they are powerful.

The results are especially breathtaking in how much money the federal government is spending ($3.4 trillion) to accomplish so little, and the wake of it expansion crushes American citizens and small business.

Even worse, freedom in America is now being relegated to a state of mind, rather than a group of Judeo-Christian principles enshrined into law through the Constitution.

President Obama bears heavy responsibility for this sad state of affairs, but we were likely to reach this moment sooner or later.  The situation with America's present governing system is not sustainable, and it is increasingly lacking political or constitutional legitimacy.

Kevin Gutzman. Photo Credit: MikeChurch.com 

We have seen President Obama engage - through the NSA scandal, the Obamacare debacle, the awful Benghazi embassy burning, as well as the Fast & Furious scandal - in an avalanche of lawlessness that has even been noted by even left-wing legal scholars, like George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley.

But it has been Gutzman, Levin, and Church - these great Article Five activists that have been screaming the solution - who have picked up the mantle and pushed toward an Article Five Convention that is thought-out, well-crafted, and will accomplish the mission of rolling back the Post-Constitutional Age in America.

America's small businesses - the engine of the economy of our nation – who are desperate for relief, will breathe freely once the tyrannical regulatory state is reigned in by the Article Five Convention movement!

This is something big business, cartels, those promoting big government, and all of their special interest funded groups (on both sides of the aisle) do not want to see happen though. They will go to extremes to prevent an Article Five Convention, because they know that their entire frame work - their whole brazen, anti-Constitutional march, that they have spent the last 100 years moving toward - will be dismantled in a flash once 34 states vote "Yes" to Article Five amendments.

Article Five threatens members of the powerful growing political class, large well-funded special interests groups and their slot machine, the American taxpayer. I fully expect to see them funding an aggressive public relations campaign to demoralize and sow confusion among the surging Article Five movement.

Mark Levin. Photo Credit: MarkLevin.com 

A well-planned Article Five Convention - as written out by Mark Levin, for example - gives the American people an "emergency cord." As Article Five activist and "Forbes" columnist Ralph Benko has phrased it: The Founding Fathers purposefully put Article Five in the Constitution to rescue America from such a historical moment as now. It's an "emergency cord" that we probably should have pulled a long time ago.

Now America is radically changing for the worse, and Obamacare is socializing one-sixth of our nation's economy. Taxpayers in America are working from January through July for the government, leaving only five months a year for their own earnings. The Obamacare mandates and regulations that are being pushed through are set to create legal precedent for the revocation of gun rights and other freedoms that were supposed to be “untouchable.”

We all know it, and can see that train coming a mile away.

Not only that, but America's judges have boldly usurped political power, and have de-legitimized swaths of the democratic process in the United States.  It has reached the point where it doesn't make any sense to have TV news stations to influence people. It would seem to be much better to simply set-up a private TV news station only for judges, because they have become the only voters in America who truly carry any weight.

No doubt, the judges will also try to throw as many roadblocks as they can in front of the Article Five movement, but Article Five activism may just be America's only hope for restoration of our Constitution.  Let's hope they succeed in getting our republic back!

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