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Is CPAC a Vested Interest in Failure?

Is CPAC a Vested Interest in Failure?

In just a few days, the largest meeting of conservatives in the country takes place just outside Washington DC and, through some sort of divine inspiration, will determine just what needs to be done to get this country back on track. They call themselves CPAC – the Conservative Political Action Committee, but I think that tends to be a bit misleading. So I prefer to refer to them by a much more appropriate name: CPIC – the Conservative Political Inaction Committee.  After all, that would certainly be a much better description for a $5 million self-serving waste of money disguised as a positive, pro-American solution for all the problems this country faces.

I have one simple question for the organizers (and the profiteers) of this political farce: how does anything being done at this event help promote American values of hard work, integrity and gratitude in any way? The answer is, it doesn’t. There is no take away whatsoever. There is no expansion of the voter base. There is no creation of any kind of value. As usual for the establishment on the right, the whole thing is nothing but a zero-sum game. Money goes from one pocket to another, and when everyone leaves, there’s nothing to show for the effort. Nothing on a macro scale at least, except maybe a few clips of the speakers on Fox, and a ton of ridicule from all the other networks.

Let’s face it – at the end of the day, CPIC is nothing but the Academy Awards for the Right. Pretentious people superficially congratulating each other while all the time plotting some nefarious way to step over the other guy. Monopoly, duopoly, collusion. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that does matter is they are playing with your future. But that seems to have become a big business for them: sponsors, awards, fancy hotels, and first class airfare. Coveted parties and invites. Everyone involved gets to feel important and live high on the hog off of other people’s money.

Of course, there is a way to get in to this whole non-profit “celebration of meritocracy.” You could become a sponsor of the event at only $10,000 - $50,000 a pop. That’s right. That’s how it works. Groups pay CPIC for exposure, so they can then raise more money from you, to pay CPIC and everyone else for even more exposure, so they can raise even more money from you, and so on. It’s not about what can help get the country on the right track; it’s about who can raise the most money and get those dollars back to them the fastest.

In other words, CPIC is nothing but one big advertising platform. Exhibitors pay for a booth, which is understandable. But what is absolutely inexcusable (and what will be the ultimate demise of the right) is that what CPIC brings to you in terms of ideas are not based on merit all – they are based on the highest bidder.

And what about all the talk about CPIC wanting to reach out to the younger demographic? Fortunately, they do have a panel on that called “Winning with Generation X/Y” Unfortunately, the experts on the panel consist of people from Red Alert Politics (an $18,000 sponsor), Young America’s Foundation (another $18,000 sponsor), Generation Opportunity (an $11,000 sponsor), and the College Republican National Committee, which somehow got away with a $9,000 contribution. Isn’t the ACU (the parent of CPIC) supposed to be a non-profit? Does it exist to promote itself, or the cause it supposedly represents?

We need to face the facts: the conservative business model is broken. It DOES NOT work. You can spend an infinite amount of money trying to sell buggy whips and still not get anywhere. So guess what – it’s time to stop selling buggy whips and start to make things happen. People come to conclusions emotionally (based on their internal belief system) and then try to justify them intellectually. THIS is the dynamic that needs to be addressed. A generational one. A cultural one. We can spend another billion dollars next time around, but we’re still going to lose.

But for CPIC, that’s just fine. After all, keeping you angry is big business. Just as a race baiter’s worst nightmare would be great race relationships, the establishment shows no signs whatsoever of wanting to actually solve any problems. If they did, they would at least offer something of hope. Something positive for the people. But they would just rather keep you angry and riled up. All of this leads me to another question: are there any true believers anywhere out there – other than the ones sitting home paying for it all?


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