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Dear Anti-Trump Conservative: Welcome To The Democratic Party


It's fine to work for your preferred candidate in the primaries but, once the dust has settled, refusing to support the GOP nominee, even if it's Donald Trump, is for all practical purposes equivalent to supporting Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump speaks at a caucus night watch party at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on Tuesday. (Getty Images/Ethan Miller)

The Republican establishment and right-leaning Christian conservatives have become strange bedfellows of late.

Many have stated publicly that should Donald Trump win, they absolutely refuse to lower their “standards” and vote for for him in the general election, even if the choice is between him and Hell’s princess herself, Hillary Clinton. They speak of Trump like he's the Empire in "Star Wars" and decent people must stop him at all costs, even if it means the death of the Republican Party and the anti-establishment movement Trump stands for.

They are, apparently, hoping millions will agree, thus absolutely ensuring a Hillary Clinton presidency over a Trump administration.

Donald Trump speaks at a caucus night watch party at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on Tuesday. (Getty Images/Ethan Miller)

If you are one of these people, here is my heartfelt letter to you.

Dear Anti-Trump Conservative,

Welcome to the Democrat Party.

Even though you will profusely deny this, I can only assume that for all intents and purposes you support Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. I appreciate your passion and the fact that you want what's best for our country, but on this issue you're clearly thinking with your emotions and not your brain.

You can parse words all you want about how not voting for the Republican nominee (assuming it is Donald Trump) doesn’t equate to supporting Clinton, but surely you are astute enough to understand complete nonsense even when you've convinced yourself you believe it.

You know that a “from-the-right” third party run would siphon votes from Trump and none from Clinton, thus ensuring a Clinton presidency.

You know that a brokered convention where back-room deals steal the nomination from Trump (and consequently his supporters, which include a huge swath of blue-collar America) in favor of some neoconservative like Mister Gang-of-Eight himself Marco Rubio, would lead to the complete annihilation of the party and at least a third of its supporters, thus ensuring a Clinton presidency.

What is wrong with this picture? When on earth did the Republican establishment become the heroes in all this? Why are you suddenly hoping THEY will save us? Do you think we truly believe the fact that they are more polished makes them any less evil than you perceive Trump to be?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts to supporters as she arrives to speak at her Super Tuesday election night rally in Miami, Tuesday, March 1, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

By all means, go with God’s speed and continue to work for your candidate to win the primaries, but should Trump prevail you do know that either he or Hillary Clinton WILL win the presidency, and along with it the right to select at least three Supreme Court justices. Some say there is no difference between who Clinton or Trump would choose to fill those vacancies, but come on, you can’t believe that.

To this point I have been quite respectful of all the anti-Trump folks on the right, but I have absolutely no respect for this position. None. Zero. Nada. It is beyond tilting at windmills.

You call yourself a conservative but your actions belie conservatism. In order to satisfy what can only be described as a personal vendetta against Donald Trump, many pundits have taken a position which, if followed by even a few thousand people in key states, could absolutely ENSURE the appointment of at least three more Bolsheviks to the Supreme Court, thus ushering in an era of tyranny never before seen in modern times. In an effort to stop what they think will be tyranny, they are ensuring it.

Look, the Trump criticism from the right is to some degree understandable. He hasn’t been a consistent conservative nor has he been exactly the paragon of Christian virtue in his four decades in the public eye, much less this campaign. But even if you believe he’s evil (I don’t), surely you can’t imagine he dwells in the same circle of hell as Hillary Clinton. And remember, it’s Trump or Clinton. There is no in-between.

Maybe you’d rather elect someone who would give Planned Parenthood their own cabinet seat than someone who said good things about a service they provide but will still defund them. Let’s elect someone who wants to throw open our borders to the entire Third World, not to mention the Muslim world, instead of someone who earned an A- from the nation’s strictest immigration watchdog group, Numbers USA. Let’s elect someone who WILL raise taxes instead of someone who has promised to lower them.

Yeah, that’ll show ‘em.

I understand that you want someone you feel is a “real” conservative to lead our country. But you’re not seeing the big picture. For years, liberals have used the “boiling-frog-in-pot” strategy to outwit us and incremental us to death with a thousand tiny steps. Sure, we’re neck deep in quicksand now, but do you think our parents and grandparents even saw it coming? Now we’re dealing with an electorate that elected Barack Obama, TWICE. Do you seriously think they are going to elect an ideologue from the right, even if we’d all love to see it? Why can’t we take this thing a step at a time?

Like it or not, Donald Trump CAN and HAS expanded the Republican Party. He can attract Independents and conservative Democrats who haven’t voted Republican since RonaldvReagan - the kind of votes we’re going to need to beat Hillary Clinton in November.

Should Trump win, why not unite around him but still hold him accountable? After all, even if you think Trump is a would-be dictator, didn’t we already see one of those elected president in 2008? Republicans managed to hold HIM in check to some degree, didn’t they?

Donald Trump has promised to appoint conservative justices, who will all be confirmed by a (hopefully) Republican Senate. He has promised to build a wall and deal with immigration. He has promised to address the economy by addressing our trade deficits. He’s also the least likely of the Republican candidates to get us into another pointless Middle Eastern war.

Could he betray us? Absolutely. But if there is even a 1 percent chance that Trump follows through on ANY of these things, we’ll be much better off than we would with your pal Hillary Clinton.

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