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Dear Donald Trump: Here's Your Game Plan For Victory From The Voters Who Are Praying You Win


Donald Trump must have a simple short 8-point plan to win the presidency...and stick to it relentlessly.

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This is an open letter from conservative voters rooting for you to win. This is a gameplan for victory. We are begging you to…

First, stop answering questions about your personal life.

Second, stop answering questions about your business bankruptcies. The people in the media and your critics on the left that are asking these questions have never had a bankruptcy because they’ve never started a business in their lives. They get a safe weekly paycheck. They’ve never once put their money where their mouth is. They’ve never created one job, let alone thousands. They’ve never paid the health insurance of one other person, let alone thousands. They’ve never built or bought one building. They’ve never pumped billions into the economy. In order to fail in business, you first have to risk millions of dollars to start a business. They miss that point completely!

Third, stop answering questions about abortion. What an overwhelming majority of American voters care about is the economy, economy, economy … and jobs, jobs, jobs.

Just stick to “The Great 8”- eight simple solutions you’ll fight for in your first year as president of the United States. If you’re asked anything else, just keep going back to these eight simple points.

Remember the rule so many politicians have violated: “KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid.” Relentlessly stay on message. If the media asks you about anything else, here’s your answer…

“We have a lot of problems in this country. A president can't do everything at once. No one ever has. Let’s start with important stuff that’s quickly doable. We’ll deal with the rest later. It’s time for The Great 8 … and the rest can wait.”

Why should you stick to “The Great 8”? Because no presidential frontrunner can withstand 200 more days (prior to the first vote in Iowa) of “gotcha” questioning and withering attacks by the liberal media with an agenda to elect a Democrat.

So please, Donald, STICK TO THE SCRIPT!!!!

My new book “The Power of RELENTLESS” is out.

President Barack Obama is exhibit A for RELENTLESS. He sticks to his message. His sticks with his principles. He sticks to his agenda - to cripple capitalism, redistribute wealth, and fundamentally change America. He sticks to his goals - even after losing in a landslide. He refuses to give up, or give in. He won’t even slow down. It’s straight ahead, petal to the medal.

(Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Donald Trump is also relentless. Trump must use Obama’s own tactics against him. Obama won the presidency twice by campaigning against George W. Bush, not John McCain or Mitt Romney. Learn from him. Attack Obama, his policies and tragic results 24/7. Obama should be Trump’s number one target.

The media is covering up for Obama. The economy is horrible. We’re not in recovery. We’ve never been out of the Great Obama Depression. The media won’t tell you the truth. Nor do they explain how low Obama’s ratings really are. Remember that Obama was repudiated just 10 months ago in a massive landslide. Since then, the economy is worse. The only jobs are crappy, low-wage, part-time jobs. And they only go to illegal immigrants. A new study just released proves that of the one million jobs created in America for women since 2007, all one million went to foreigners. That means 100 percent of female job gains in America for almost the last decade went to foreigners.

That’s the true Obama economy.

Among middle class and working class voters, Obama is loathed. Yet every Democrat contender has the exact same agenda and policies as Obama. Whether it’s Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden or Micahel O’Malley they all support four more years of Obama policies. Go on the attack 24/7 against four more years of Obama’s socialism, income redistribution, taxes, regulations, debt and the disaster of Obamacare. Stick to that attack 24/7.

Image source: Mike Opelka / TheBlaze

Then announce “The Great 8.” The simple ideas and policies you’ll fight for in year one of your presidency.

1. I will build a wall.

BUILD A WALL and they will come- voters that is. You must keep “the wall” as your No. 1 issue.

The biased liberal media has lied and covered-up the truth for years: most of America is on your side. This could be the one issue both black Democrats and white conservatives agree on - illegal immigration is killing jobs for American citizens.

You needs to keep it simple: “I will build the wall, secure the border, deport illegal aliens who commit felonies, and stop anyone already here illegally from getting welfare. We’ll also make English the official language of the United States. We'll deal with rest of immigration issues later."

2. I will be “The JOBS President.”

I'll build a team of 10 of the most brilliant business leaders in U.S. history. Together, we will create millions of jobs. We'll turn it around with the ideas of this amazing brain trust. And we’ll have one important rule: no government bureaucrats involved.

3. I will repeal and replace Obamacare.

Obamacare is destroying the U.S. economy- killing jobs, raising taxes, imposing regulations, dramatically raising insurance premium prices and prescription drug prices for middle class Americans. I will repeal it. I'll appoint Dr. Benjamin Carson to head this huge project. He is only one qualified to save the U.S. healthcare system. We need a brain surgeon - no joke. We happen to have the best one in the world.

4. I will give the American people a simple Reagan-esque low flat tax.

The same low flat tax should apply to both individual taxpayers and corporations. We will give the money back to the people. It's YOUR money, not governments.

5. I will cancel every single regulation imposed by Obama and Bush - we’ll go back to Bill Clinton levels.

This is as moderate and reasonable of an idea as it gets. You want jobs? Regulations are strangling business. Businesses either close their doors, or move jobs offshore. The biggest regulation years in history were all under Obama and the last year of Bush. I’ll wipe 'em all out. Regulations are strangling the economy. If Democrats liked the economy under Bill Clinton, GREAT! Then let's go back to his last day in office. Start there - with only those regulations. It's time for a re-set.

6. I will make people on welfare find any kind of WORK.

We have to level the playing field. It’s not fair to give people welfare and then allow them to not work, while the rest of us go to work each day. Everyone that needs welfare in America will get it, but they have to work. PERIOD.

7. I will hold our government accountable.

In America no one is above the law. People have to trust government. If politicians break the law, they must pay the price just like rest of us mere mortals. Obama talks about “fairness.” So I’m going to level the playing field between the people and the politicians.

You need to say:

“I will investigate and prosecute Obama for the massive IRS conspiracy.

"I will investigate and prosecute Hillary Clinton for all of her many scandals - including the Benghazi lies and cover-up; 32,000 deleted emails; risking the national security of America with classified emails on a personal server; as well as billions of dollars in bribes accepted at The Clinton Foundation while Hillary was secretary of state.

"And from this day forward Congress has to live by same rules as the American people. Anything Congress passes applies to Congress too.”

8. “I will always support Israel and I will cancel the Iran Treaty. Period.”

End of story.

Then you must RELENTLESSLY tell the press…

"That’s all I will talk about. The rest can wait. We'll deal with all the rest after my first year. But I'll take care of these eight in my first year. If the media asks me about anything else ... I'll go back to these eight. Period.

"No more distractions.

"No more talk about what names I called people. Or my business bankruptcies. How ridiculous. You can talk about it. I won't. I will only talk about these great eight steps to save America in my first year."

Wayne Allyn Root is known as "the Capitalist Evangelist." Wayne’s latest book is: "The Power of RELENTLESS!" Wayne is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, bestselling author, international business speaker, serial entrepreneur and conservative media personality – appearing on over 5,000 interviews in the past five years. Wayne’s web site: ROOTforAmerica.com.

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