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Donald Trump's Campaign Isn't Close To Derailing Ahead of Iowa


There comes a point in time when many Americans have had enough and are willing to overlook what they see as irrelevant objections to a man they believe may save the Republic.

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event in Norwalk, Iowa. (AP/Evan Vucci)

Over the past several months, I’ve listened as many on the right have tried to figure out why presidential candidate Donald Trump has been successful so far in his bid to become the next GOP nominee.

Recently, I’ve heard conservative talk show host Mark Levin and TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck openly question Trump’s sincerity as a candidate and whether he would truly represent the values of conservative Americans.

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event in Norwalk, Iowa. (AP/Evan Vucci) 

Trump’s previous pro-abortion stance, his support of single payer healthcare and his past acquaintances and financial support of progressive Democrats like Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), are just a few of his contributions that have been scrutinized. Although, he also donated to Republicans from 1989 to 2014.

Those same outspoken conservatives have also pondered, often in disbelief, why those calling themselves Tea Party conservatives would throw their support behind a man who has in the past proven to have progressive leanings.

Ann Coulter, who describes herself on her Facebook page as an American conservative social and political commentator among other prominent titles, is clearly “all in” for Trump.

Her Facebook posts express her devotion to “the cause” and at times, border on spreading implied inaccuracies about Trump’s closest rival, presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

A recent Coulter post inferred that Cruz was pro-amnesty simply because of his humanitarian trip to the border to hand out toys to Central American children.

Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and political commentator, also recently endorsed Trump for president. Although, she previously supported Cruz in his bid to become senator, support that he has fully recognized as helping him to get elected, she decided to back Trump instead.

Over the weekend in Ankeny, Iowa at Faith Bible College, Cruz picked up a big endorsement from Beck.

“In 40 years of broadcast I have never endorsed any candidate… I don’t trust any of the weasels no matter how good they are ... I have prayed for the next George Washington. I believe I have found him,” Beck said.

It’s an election with heavy emotional sentiment that divides conservatives like no other election I can recall in recent times.

What makes Trump’s supporters on social media or elsewhere ready to verbally fight tooth and nail if you dare bring up a fact that they may want to consider or at least keep an open mind about?

What makes potential voters say that they don’t care what Trump has done in the past because all that is important is now?

Why are people willing to tolerate the behavior of a man who often uses derogatory words to describe others?

Ted Cruz speaks at Exeter Town Hall, Jan. 20, 2016. (Getty Images/Darren McCollester)

Before I delve into why I believe Trump is running a winning campaign that will spur him on to a win in Iowa despite any negatives, I first want to be upfront about one thing.

My intent in writing this article is not to put Trump down and build Cruz up. Nor is my purpose to support Trump over Cruz. At this point in the election, I’m trying to keep an open mind and continue to gather facts on both candidates.

I will tell you in full-disclosure that there are things I admire about both candidates.

Trump has opened up a dialogue on so many subjects that were recently considered politically incorrect and off the table for discussion. Illegal immigration, veterans’ benefits and the resettlement of Syrian refugees into this country without being properly vetted are issues that come to mind. Without Trump’s boisterous personality and his “I don’t care” attitude, I don’t believe we would be tackling the hard issues this election cycle.

Cruz, on the other hand, in my opinion, is a true constitutionalist who believes in small government. More than any other candidate that is currently running, I believe that Cruz eats and sleeps the U.S. Constitution. I feel confident that if he won the presidential nominee and was elected president that we would not see an executive order that violated the principles of the Constitution. I also view him as a man who says what he will do and then does it. He made promises about what he would do if elected senator and he has kept those pledges for the most part.

However, he, just like Trump is human and neither are perfect.

Having laid that out on the table, here goes.

First of all, conservative Americans are fed up with being on the “receiving end” of left-wing political policies that promote big government and socialist agendas. Conservatives have watched as a GOP led Congress has often failed to stop many of these policies.

Policies such as the Iran Nuclear deal, allowing unvetted numbers of Syrian refugees into America, a growing national debt and beyond cause Americans to claim they have had enough.

Many Americans feel that the left has done nothing for the past seven years except “stick it to” Americans in this country by transforming this nation into something that is almost unrecognizable. Many are now ready to “stick it to the left.”

It doesn’t seem to matter, as some have claimed, that Trump may use similar tactics as those exploited by President Barack Obama to achieve Trump’s goal of “saving” America. As long as the executive orders are seen as benefiting America rather than hurting America, their use would not be questioned.

Many voters are done with an overreaching government that unfairly targets its own people, allows our men to die unaided in Benghazi, and allegedly uses emails in a way that could potentially harm the national security of this country.

We are witnessing a “fight fire with fire” attitude that seemingly justifies using the same tactics against the left that were once used against the right.

Also, Trump supporters truly believe they have found the man that will turn this country around. They don’t want to lose him and are willing to dismiss some information they consider insignificant about him even though others may find it to be relevant.

In addition, I believe that Trump supporters have faith that if he is elected he will do the right thing for our country.

They also feel confident that if he should turn out not to be the man they thought they were electing then they will have the option to impeach him, an option not politically correct to consider using against the first African-American president. Trump, in their minds, would hold no special privilege.

Does all of this mean that I believe Trump supporters are easily fooled and are making a huge mistake by jumping onto the Trump bandwagon and supporting his candidacy in spite of some things that might give others reason to pause?

The answer is that in seven years our country has swung its political pendulum to the far left and it is in the process of swinging back in the other direction. Clearly, our country’s “life” is at stake and our political process will determine her final fate.

Is Trump capable of being as good as if not better than former President Ronald Reagan and the candidate who will save the Republic?

His supporters think so, and that’s why Trump’s campaign is nowhere near derailing. The support he has gained so far will no doubt continue to grow and keep him on track possibly all the way to the White House.

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