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Eliana Benador: How Republicans Have Turned Their Back on the Constitution


Time and again Republicans are betraying country and constituents who elected them. Once again it has happened in the Loretta Lynch nomination which, without much ado, they have enabled.

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All the calls and Tweets and Facebook postings in the world could not stop the treason perpetrated against America by 10 GOP senators who crossed lines to confirm Loretta Lynch as the new Attorney General in the Obama administration.

Unsurprisingly, Sens. Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby voted against Lynch.

"The Senate must never confirm an individual to such an office as this who will support and advance a scheme that violates our Constitution and eviscerates established law and Congressional authority. No person who would do that should be confirmed. And we don't need to be apologetic about it," Jeff Sessions said.

As chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, he has been one of Lynch's most vocal critics during the vote.

Alas, his voice was not heard and America has entered a new and adverse reality.

Their 10 colleagues turned their backs on the country but also on the constituents who elected them on the basis of a conservative agenda.

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This group has a less than desirable track record voting for abortion, against the 2nd Amendment and they have also sided with the pro-amnesty advocates.

In an untold mini-revolt of anti-patriotism inside government, the Republican senators reinforced the position of the Democratic majority.

They have factually helped Loretta Lynch access a job she should never have had under normal circumstances.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and the Republicans who control the Senate have been quite open about their readiness to go with the president's choice.

The nomination was approved 56-43 with 10 Republicans joining Democrats in support of Lynch, who will become the nation's first black female top law enforcement officer.

Now Lynch is in a privileged position to approve and implement Obama's executive actions.

As she has not been shy on what one of the first actions on her agenda will be, we know that she will move to provide de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants.

The GOP senators have undermined Obama’s oath to execute the laws faithfully, thereby becoming accomplices in his crimes against the Constitution.

Indeed, such a vote will result in facilitating legal benefits to illegal aliens, something that only Congress should have the authority to do.

With their choice, the 10 Republicans have betrayed their Oath of Office.

That Oath of Office stipulates that the essence of their mandate is based exclusively and unconditionally on their allegiance to the American Constitution.

I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

In those lines, the result of the Lynch nomination will be another chapter in the long book of dangerous aiding-and-abetting the enemy within and without.

It is becoming a nasty habit for Republicans, to support and join the wrong party in their quest to undermine the safety of the country and the mere existence of the Constitution.

The president's choice was in no way a "must," especially if the candidate is outspoken in her overtly nefarious intentions towards the Constitution.

The Constitution has enabled the senate to differ with the president's choice if they deem it inappropriate.

They simply decided not to consider this option.

Some may argue that this could be the result of pressure from the highest office in the country, once more using their “race” card.

Would that be a reason or a valid excuse for the ultimate cowardice, once again, by the Republican contingent?

Why have two parties, when a rogue president is being enabled to do his will with no contest, even in cases like the present one, when opposing him was a no-brainer?

Yet, once again, the worst is happening.

No uproar from the American population.

Not a sneeze from those many millions American unemployed, jobless, tired-of-looking-for-non-existing-jobs, Americans. Feel free to add all denominations that escape me.

Not a rally organised by parents, worried that jobs for their children and which now, without a glimmer of a doubt, are about to being "legally" robbed from potential job positions.

"This" is the problem.

Sure, Obama, Lynch and all the other Democrats are certified anti-American traitors, and now there is proof that the list does not end there.

There is evidence that many GOP representatives are as spineless and gutless as the anti-American democrats.

There is only one factor that could save the day: The power of the people.

The power of the people has put all of them in place.

That means they could take away the power from all of them. Peacefully.

The peaceful march in Tahrir Square, in Cairo, Egypt, should inspire peoples of good will on Planet Earth to peacefully move and defend their rights from being abused by fraudulent misfits.

They deserve jail, prosecution and condemnation.

Believe it or not, one day this generation will be accountable to generations to come.

History is in the making and as sure as hell, other generations will not look kindly at the lack of decisive action now to protect those who are too young or not yet born, to defend themselves.

But, boy, this procrastinating generation will be mercilessly judged by them and by God.

Eliana Benador is a strategic and risk consultant, adviser, opinion. She was the founder of Benador Associates. Her website is Follow her at @ElianaBenador on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

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