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Facts are Racist: Physical Descriptions of Criminal Suspects Censored to Eliminate Skin Color


If giving a physical description of an wanted criminal is "racial profiling" how do we ever expect to catch another suspect at large?

Photo Credit: Flickr.

“Breaking news, the First National Bank of Springfield has been robbed. Police say the robbers are armed and extremely dangerous. Citizens should be on the lookout for two persons of average height; one was wearing a dark colored sweatshirt, possibly navy blue and the other a light jacket that appeared to be some shade of green. Citizens with any information regarding the whereabouts of these two suspects should contact the Springfield Police immediately.”

I would guess that right now you are thinking “That is the lamest description of wanted criminals I have ever read.” And you would be right. How in the world are citizens expected to “be on the lookout” for anyone when equipped with such a vague description?

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