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Five Climate Lies of 2014


Here are five of the many climate lies you've been told in 2014 with an alternative, non-catastrophic explanation.

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The year 2014 is coming to an end and with it its lies about global warming/climate change/climate disruption/extreme weather. Considering the media bias on the subject, here are five such news you may have missed

The year 2014 is the hottest ever recorded

Since the climate hysteria has been created, it seems that every year is hotter than the preceding one. It’s going to be the case for 2014.

However, this is (very likely) hot air. Indeed, satellite records of temperatures not only show no increase of temperatures for the past 18 years – climate models have nearly all failed at predicting trends – but 2014 isn’t even hot for that period. Plus, when looking at a larger picture the modern warm period is nothing compared to what human civilization has lived before.

Arctic ice is about to vanish

His Holiness, the Green Pope (Al Gore) predicted that the Arctic see would be ice-free this year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also gives a lot of attention to the “unprecedented” melting of the North Pole.

However, Arctic ice is at a 10-year peak and is now within the standard deviation of the satellite-era average, which started in 1979. Furthermore, one can only wonder why 1979 was selected as year zero. Recently-found satellite pictures dating from 1964 show that the Great North wasn’t always uniformly frozen. Also, the North had already been much hotter, way before Hummers were built.

At the same time, South Pole ice is breaking every extent record, and that ice is very thick. This could explain the misfortunes of the “Ship of Fools”…

Polar bears are endangered

The polar bear, the Great North’s official mascot, is threatened by the climate hysteria. Everywhere people are saying the species will go extinct if the ice keeps “melting”.

Now, 2014 has been a difficult year for the bears because there was… too much ice. Also, news about the sudden decrease of polar bear populations in the South Beaufort Sea seems to have been cherry-picked. Indeed, more exhaustive data show that the population isn’t declining. Plus, the territorial government of Nunavut in Canada says that the polar bears are alive and well.

More CO2 emission will bring famine and despair

Carbon dioxide is considered a satanic gas. Among other things, it’s accused of decreasing agricultural yields.

Fortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t care about these accusations. Indeed, a ton of studies, including one from the federal government, show that increased CO2 will increase yields. This would therefore continue the trends already observed for corn, wheat, soy, rice

Also – the story just got out – the supposed acidification of the oceans caused by CO2 might just be a scam.

The present drought in California is unprecedented

It seems that the slightest anomaly in climate “proves” the climate hysteria. It is the case for the persistent drought that is striking California (the hysteria would also be responsible for the heavy rains the Golden State recently had, but moving along…)

But once again, it’s much ado about nothing. Even the NOAA admits that the present drought isn’t exceptional. A look in the past shows that there were much more severe droughts before the 21st century.

In short, just dismiss those dubious bad news, just like you would for any end-world news we’ve been hearing since Thomas Malthus. They are generally created by people whose livelihood depends on the climate hysteria being true.

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