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Florida I-4 Residents Already Flooded With 2016 Political Ads


The I-4 corridor in Florida has always been seen as a "tipping point" for the state when it comes to politics. Voters in this area are sure to get bombarded with campaigning and political advertisements, and they need to make an educated vote.

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The I-4 corridor is going to get clobbered over the next 18 months, and residents should be prepared. I’m not talking about hurricanes, vacation-goers, or even snowbirds here; I’m talking about political advertisements.

The 2016 presidential election will be decided by just seven states, Florida being one. However, for those of us in Florida it’s going to seem like we’re the only ones being targeted.

According to the 270 To Win website and many experts, for a conservative to win the election, Florida is a “must-win” for them. My daily radio show listeners stretching from Tampa to Orlando are already feeling the impact of this, and they’re rightfully already sick of it.

Image source: Google Maps Image source: Google Maps

I’m here to tell you what voters both in the I-4 corridor and nationwide must do to prepare for the bombardment and make an educated voting decision.

Florida has historically bounced back and forth between voting Republican and Democrat, but in the last two elections (2008 and 2012) the democratic candidate won the state. The I-4 corridor runs across the state lengthwise though cities such as Tampa and Orlando, and cuts through some of the most highly populated areas of the state. It has long been considered a “tipping point” for the state during political elections. Recent population growth in the I-4 corridor has also allowed Florida to surpass New York as the third largest state.

Based on the amount of pull the I-4 corridor has, we’re sure to see more than enough annoying, candidate-bashing, self-touting, propaganda-filled advertisements.

In the last presidential election, a whopping 90 percent of advertisements for the candidates were negative and bashed their competitors. These ads teach viewers absolutely nothing about what the candidates stand for. Voters need to know the candidates stance on the issues and their plans for our country, they don’t need to know how “terrible” the other candidate thinks they are. All this shows is bad taste and the true side of these “leaders”.

I have a few suggestions for I-4 corridor residents. For the ones who are educated on the issues, I demand you to make your voice heard by voting. Many people falsely believe that their vote does not matter, but we all know this is completely untrue, especially in the I-4 corridor. It is your right and duty as a citizen and American to have a say and make a difference in the election, and if you’re not using that right then go ahead and go somewhere where the government makes decisions for you.

However, for those of you who plan on basing your votes on uneducated opinions or on these mindless political advertisements, the last thing you need to do is vote. In fact, what you really should do is also go to a place where the government makes decisions for you. I hear North Korea is nice this time of year, and you’ll never have to make political decisions again!

I wrote an article back in 2010 discussing a case where a candidate won simply because his name was similar to a popular singers. If this seems like the most unintelligent reasoning possible, consider that it is just as simple minded as people voting for a candidate because of their political party, how good their advertisement was, or the color of their suit.

I command voters in this area, as well as across the country, to do your research before voting. You will be targeted and overwhelmed by these advertisements before you know it, but don’t let the ads and lobbying sway your view! Make your own educated opinions on the subject and learn to tune out all of the political white noise. Every vote counts, so you better make yours an educated one.

Chris Markowski has carried the titles of author, investment banker, equity analyst,muckraker, all around trouble-maker, and most importantly consumer advocate. He is the personality behind Watchdog on Wall Street and founder of Markowski Investments.

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