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Gay Man Tells Why a Democrat's Gun Agenda is Dangerous in the White House
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Gay Man Tells Why a Democrat's Gun Agenda is Dangerous in the White House

America was hit again by Muslim extremists. This is yet more proof that we need less, not more, gun control if we are to stop these killing sprees.

Like every sane person, I was appalled by the Orlando terrorist shooting in the wee Sunday morning hours.

And as a gay man who also was in a bar that same night, it made me worry that going to a “safe” place might not be so safe after all. So naturally, I was hoping that my government would act to defend me better.

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 12: A man lays down 50 roses to honor each victim of the gay Orlando night club shooting as people gather outside of the Stonewall Inn as a vigil is held following the massacre that occurred on June 12, 2016 in New York City. A gunman who allegedly pledged allegiance with ISIS opened fired in the gay nightclub in Florida killing over 50 people. (Photo by Monika Graff/Getty Images)

But after the very weak response from President Barack Obama, it made me realize that having another Democrat in the White House is the worst thing that can happen.

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly pleaded and voted to restrict our God-given right to bear arms. She doubled down on her statement on Twitter, saying that we must keep the weapons used for the massacre out of the hands of criminals.

Unfortunately, this desire is worse than wishful thinking. Criminals are called such because they have no consideration for laws. Just look at Chicago, the city with some of the strictest, most prohibitive gun laws in the country. The website HeyJackass.com keeps statistics about Windy City shootings. It's nearing 300 homicides this year, 11 last week alone — all in spite of its prohibitive gun laws.

Of course, these same politicians will promptly find excuses about their city’s shooting culture, namely that surrounding states like Indiana have more relaxed laws. It doesn’t occur to them that the people penalized by gun laws are the ones respecting them. Criminals always find a way around laws, which leaves honest citizens virtually defenseless as was unfortunately shown in the Bataclan shooting in Paris.

So if Democrats really cared about decreasing mass shootings, they should listen to their own science. Indeed, “more guns, less crime” is a proven correlation per two studies released in 2013. Even the very anti-gun rights Center for Disease Control took its time to look at risk factors for crime rather than look at guns themselves. Needless to say, it didn’t go well with gun-control advocates.

However, don’t go on and believe that Donald Trump is a better ally in this situation. Yes, he did stand up as a strong defender of gun rights during the presidential campaign. But in 2000, he was for waiting periods to get a gun, assault weapon bans and background checks. Considering his numerous flip-flops throughout the year on several issues, one might wonder when he will change his opinion on guns — again.

In short, voters of every creed must ensure that the people they elect are strong defenders of their God-given rights, especially the one to bear arms. Voting for a Clinton is the surest way to accelerate the disarmament of America and to lead to an increase of mass shootings. And with a judicial system failing to defend gun rights, voting is more essential than ever.

Voters in 2010 elected a congress whose mission it was to stop executive overreach. Since it failed miserably, let another Tea Party start to show that we the people are in charge.

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