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I will vote for the Constitution


If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will bring her abuse of power, and actions without regard to the rule of law, to a level of criminality never seen before in the history of our nation.

United States Constitution (TheBlaze Illustration)

By John Lawrence Allen, for TheBlaze

Our republic was founded on the principal of equal justice under the law. Without the rule of law, no free society can exist. For centuries previous to the establishment of the United States, primogeniture and powerful private cartels ruled the western world. Those of nobility or those linked to these cartels were truly above the law.

Our founding fathers broke from centuries of bondage enforced on the common man with the writing of the Constitution. This short document envisioned a country founded on virtue, integrity, and justice.

John Adams, the second president of the United States said, "Our Constitution is for a moral and godly people. No virtue, no liberty". The father of our Constitution, James Madison put it this way, "The future and success of America is not in this Constitution, but in the laws of God upon which this Constitution is founded."

We are headed towards a constitutional crisis of epic proportions.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will bring her abuse of power, and actions without regard to the rule of law, to a level of criminality never seen before in the history of our nation.

There is so much more riding on this election than a choice between a crude, rude and uninhibited Trump and the first woman to become president. The very frame work of our society is on the line. I realize that many women feel that they cannot vote for a man like Trump. But the alternative in Clinton is far more dangerous to the liberty of every citizen.

The Clintons have been followed by a trail of scandals for decades. Suicides by some of their closest aides, corruption, disbarment, impeachment, pay for play, and more recently, interfering with the election process, collusion with the media, and the continuing FBI investigation into the activities of Hillary and her top aides.

Never in the history of the U.S. has a candidate running for president been the target of a criminal investigation. Many of Clinton's top aides have been given immunity in order to obtain their cooperation in the ongoing investigation.

Imagine what will happen if Hillary is elected president. If she is indicted she will have to be impeached because she will never resign of her own free will. If she is not charged, then she will continue with her nefarious operations converting the hundreds of millions that she and Bill made from her role as secretary of State, to tens of billions as president. Instead of charging $10,000 for an overnight stay in the White House, she can ask her Saudi friends to donate another billion to Bill's foundation in exchange for more favors for the Saudi rulers.

And since Hillary will then be totally above the law, there will be no limits on her abuse of power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The second amendment will be eviscerated, open boarders will destroy our culture and economy, illegal emigrants will poor in by the millions overwhelming an already fragile welfare system and Hillary's closest supporters like George Soros and Warren Buffet will make billions more.

Those who remember Watergate will, once again watch the continuing debacle of an impeachment and the devastating effect it will have on the nation and its ability to project power. Our economy will crash, making the great recession pale in comparison.

So go ahead and vote for Hillary because you don't like Trump. But don't delude yourself. If you cast a vote for Hillary you are casting a vote for the end of the rule of law and the possible end of our republic.

John Lawrence Allen, a nationally recognized legal expert, represents investors nationwide in securities arbitration. Mr. Allen’s second book, “Make Wall Street Pay You Back,” was just released. For more information visit

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