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In The Era of Obama


When taken in total, Mr. Obama's record from his time in office is damning.

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At the time of this writing, the United States has less than two years to endure the affliction of Resident Obama. It seemed like a good time to take stock in how successful Barack Obama has been in implementing his fundamental transformation of America.

This list will undoubtedly grow as Mr. Obama has recently pledged to further punish America by “hook or by crook” in his remaining time in office. Below, you’ll see evaluations of Obama’s insufferable time as the nation’s alleged leader. The statements are complimented by links to news accounts or opinion pieces that back up my assertions. I reserve the right to amend this article should Obama’s destruction of our way of life become even more damaging.

Image credit: The Associated Press

In the era of Obama…

Illegal immigrants coming into America are treated better than American citizens or even our veterans.

The U.S. Mexico border remains unsecured despite warnings of infiltration of Mexico by Middle Eastern terror groups.

In the era of Obama…

The occupier of the Oval Office extends a hand of friendship to America’s sworn enemies and a slap to the face to America’s staunchest allies.

The American tax payer is forced to fund political operatives who travel overseas to influence the elections of American allies.

In the era of Obama…

The government has become the enemy of “We the People.”

Government agencies are used to menace the citizenry, fleece the public treasury and stifle job creation. They’re also used to create laws, an activity once reserved for the people’s representatives.

In the era of Obama…

White House politics has allowed threats to gather that threaten the security of the United States and our citizens.

American adversaries are given unopposed freedom to have their way with American allies.

In the era of Obama…

A government takeover of healthcare results in a poorer healthcare system and a poorer populace.

Americans are told they can keep their doctor, health plan and save $2,500 a year. Instead they see massive increases to their costs and restricted access to health care.

In the era of Obama…

The occupier of the Oval Office puts forth economic visions that continue unsustainable government spending.

Despite only one lawmaker voting for Obama’s economic vision over several budgets, the Brian Williams Press continues to regard Obama proposals as serious.

In the era of Obama…

America’s allies don’t trust us.

America’s enemies and adversaries discover they have no greater friend and ally than Barack Hussein Obama.

In short, in the era of Obama, if a policy is of benefit to America. Team Obama wants nothing to do with it. If a policy helps America’s enemies, illegal immigrants or anyone but America and our allies, it is embraced and encouraged by the extremists who populate the,“People’s House.”

Obama will go down as one of the more consequential occupiers of the Oval Office in our history. He’ll have the dubious distinction of being our first post-American president.

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