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Jim DeMint's Advice to Obama: Resign and Do What's Right for America


Obamacare would destory the American free enterprise system and recent immigration "reform" was anything but.

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Former U.S. Senator from South Carolina and current Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint had one piece of advice for President Barack Obama would be for him to resign. DeMint may have been joking (just maybe), but he did continue to say that the president needs to come back within the laws of the United States and adhere to the constitution. DeMint said there were "pages of examples" where the president went outside the law to get things done and that it's happening more and more frequently.

One example would be Obamacare. DeMint said Obamacare will change the way that Americans think about themselves and the country and called it "the most devastating" piece of legislation to be passed by Congress. He urged his former colleagues to defund the law, saying that such a move was not unprecedented.

These comments and more came during an interview with Mallory Factor this week. A theme throughout that interview was how Congress and the president should  be working to "do what is best for America and not what's politically expedient." He admitted that would be difficult to do with a president that has a completely different view of America - an America that has "top-down control" instead of a country that is really built from the "ground up."

DeMint said the same was true with recent immigration legislation that was pretending to be reform when it was really just another amnesty bill. Instead of that bill, he said there needed to be a step-by-step approach that "follows our own rule of law and is best for our country."

DeMint also appeared on TheBlaze TV's Wilkow! and talked about Syria and Russian President Valdimir Putin this week.

See the complete interview with DeMint below:

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