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Matt Walsh: Kids are only 'transgender' because the adults in their lives make them that way
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Matt Walsh: Kids are only 'transgender' because the adults in their lives make them that way

It's like a scene from a dystopian novel that would have seemed far too weird and unrealistic only a few years ago.

Children in a kindergarten class were subjected to a disturbing, anti-science indoctrination session when their teacher read two books about transgenderism, and a gender-confused boy switched into girl clothes in the middle of class. It was apparently described as a "gender reveal." The parents were not notified about this perverse stunt ahead of time.

Fortunately, several of the students in the class have mothers and fathers who actually care about their mental well being. They stormed a school board meeting to protest the LGBT brainwashing that their innocent children had undergone. One mother explained that her daughter came home in tears, terrified that she may transform into a boy. Of course she was afraid of that. What else is she supposed to think? She just watched a male classmate "turn into a girl" in front of her eyes, and her awful teacher, who she trusts as an authority in these matters, affirmed that such a thing is possible and commonplace.

Her mother may have reassured her when she came home, but the psychological trauma had already occurred. This young girl was dragged along with her classmates into a demented, sexually deranged fantasy world invented out of whole cloth by ideological militants in the LGBT lobby. Damage was done in the process. It is not irreversible, but it is damage. And that's why these parents -- the good ones who wish to protect their children -- are rightly furious.  They ought to have shown up to that meeting with literal pitchforks and torches. The world has never seen a more appropriate occasion for a pitchfork mob.

Though I wish to God that this had never happened to these poor kids, we need to learn from it now that it has. What we learn is something that ought to have been obvious all along: kids don't develop gender confusion on their own. They learn it. They are indoctrinated into it. They are programmed to believe it. It is forced upon them by the adults they love and trust. To put it more simply, they are confused about their gender because their parents or their teachers made them that way. Show me a "transgender" child, and I will show you an abuse victim; a child who has been psychologically tormented and manipulated by the very people entrusted with protecting him.

Here we have a case study where an entire classroom full of children became gender confused all at once. It's like a disease they contracted, and their teacher is the mad scientist who gave it to them on purpose. None of them -- save the one -- were confused on the subject before class that day. But they came home in tears, confused and scared to death that everything they know about themselves may be a lie. The purpose of this "lesson" wasn't to inform the kids about transgenderism, but to create transgender kids. And if these children are subjected to many more "lessons" of this sort, it may eventually have the intended effect for some of them.

I hear people remark all the time about how this became an issue out of nowhere. They speak as though there's some mystery to it. None of us went to school with "transgender" people, they say, correctly. None of us had heard of the concept in elementary school, and maybe not even in middle or high school. Why is it now a thing? Why is it all over the place when it was nowhere to be found up to now? Why are all of these kids suddenly becoming "transgender"? The answer is as simple as it is horrific and shameful: because we have made it so. This isn't very complicated. Wondering why they're gender confused is like wondering why they're fat. We are shoving garbage into their mouths and garbage into their minds, and this is what we get as a result. It's the result many of us wanted, isn't it? Or at least it's a result that many of us haven't tried very hard to avoid.

There may be an extremely, infinitesimally small number of kids who develop gender dysphoria on their own because they are mentally ill. But the vast majority end up confused about their identity because their parents have either actively encouraged it or have done absolutely nothing to clarify the matter. Then there are those who have good parents but are so vulnerable to the influence of their teachers and their peers that they end up falling down this rabbit hole in spite of how they were raised. I think it is pretty rare that a child becomes "transgender" through no fault of the parent -- parents are almost always at least partially to blame in these kinds of situations -- but it does happen.

The point is that none of this is happening in a vacuum. Children are susceptible and easily influenced. That's a normal feature of childhood. And it's not a problem, as long as the adults in charge of them aren't wicked or deranged. But we have many of those kinds of adults in our culture, and so we have many children who bear the scars. That's all that "transgenderism" is for most children: the scar that forms after years of psychological and spiritual abuse.

Pray for these kids.

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