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No, Gays and 'Transgenders' Are Not Being Bullied. They Are The Bullies.


If gays would simply respect the beliefs of Christian business owners, and if "transgenders" would simply respect the privacy of women and children, there would be no need for laws forcing the matter.

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This week, Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi signed a religious liberty bill protecting businesses and individuals from being forced to participate in gay marriages.

The legislation also fortifies the rights of business owners to keep their bathrooms segregated by sex, as all business owners have done up until 4.5 seconds ago. Meanwhile, a few weeks earlier, North Carolina signed a now infamous bill that will require men to pee in rooms with other men, and women in rooms with other women. Again in keeping with the reasonable and totally normal policies that have been in place everywhere in America for the entirety of your life and your grandparents' lives.


These two laws indicate that, apparently, not everyone in the nation is on board with liberalism's designs to turn our civilization into a debauched, androgynous dystopia where gays and "transgenders" occupy the highest position in the social and legal hierarchy. But the left is not accustomed to being disobeyed in such a manner, which explains the utterly shocked and stunned reaction from leftists across the country to these two pieces of legislation. While the vicious attacks against Mississippi over their bill are just beginning, the outrage over the "anti-trans" law in North Carolina has reached apocalyptic volumes.

Immediately upon the bill's passage, the internet was clogged like a constipated bowel with thinkpieces somberly explaining how "transgenders" will kill themselves if they are forced to endure 98 seconds in a bathroom that correlates with their biological sex. "Transgender" people are now gravely at risk, they shrieked. Cross-dressing men will be subjected to violence and other forms of torment, they insisted. Liberals cried that laws protecting the safety and security of women and children are "shameful," "horrific," "deplorable," "insane," "dangerous," and "embarrassing."

A man tweeted an image of himself wearing fake breasts and women's clothes standing in a men's room, accompanied by the caption: "According to North Carolina law, this is the bathroom I belong in. So I ask you, who's the one in danger?" The tweet went viral with thousands of comments and retweets, but nobody on the Internet thought to suggest the obvious solution: take off the girl costume and maybe you won't be so uncomfortable in the men's restroom.

AP Photo/Toby Talbot

It seems a bit contradictory to go through the herculean effort to doll yourself up to look like some cartoonish caricature of a woman, only to complain that other people are making you feel ridiculous. That's like covering yourself in red paint and running through a shopping mall nude while yodeling into a megaphone and then reacting with indignation and alarm when people cast sideways glances at you. If you don't want to feel ridiculous, stop doing ridiculous things. Easy solution. Let's try that.

Anyway, the next step in this North Carolina "controversy" was inevitable. Dozens of massive corporation began putting pressure on North Carolina to scrap the law. Mayors of major American cities banned travel to the state, prohibiting people from going to a place in order to protest North Carolina's attempt to prohibit people from going to a place. The federal government got into the extortion game, threatening to pull federal funds if North Carolina continues its unthinkable persecution of men who wear skirts in public. Even the state's attorney general refuses to defend the law, claiming it's "unconstitutional." Predictably, Mississippi is starting to feel a similar backlash.

Now, there's plenty to be said in support of laws like these, but considering how Christians and conservatives are constantly lectured for their alleged lack of "compassion" and "tolerance" and so on, I think it must be noted that these laws would not be needed if compassion and tolerance, along with humility and prudence, were traits commonly found in the "LGBT community." It is the seemingly total lack of kindness, magnanimity, and rationality displayed by many in their camp that necessitates this sort of legislation. If gays would simply respect the beliefs of Christian business owners, and if "transgenders" would simply respect the privacy of women and children, there would be no need for laws forcing the matter. But here we are. And it's not the fault of Christians and conservatives that we arrived here. On the contrary, it's the fault of the very people now whining about being persecuted.

Here's the reality: gays and "transgenders" are not being victimized, nor are they are being martyred, oppressed, bullied or otherwise put upon. You can walk through Mississippi and find nary a business with a "We Won't Serve Gays" sign hanging in the window. You can travel down to North Carolina and not find a single instance where a government agent showed up at a so-called transgender's house and instructed him to take off his wig and blouse. For the most part, these people are free to do what they want and be who they are -- or, in the case of "transgenders," who they aren't.

AP Photo

The only caveat is that the half dozen "transgenders" in North Carolina have to do what every other human in North Carolina has to do, and what most humans in the civilized world have to do, and share public restrooms with people who share their anatomy. In Mississippi, gays can get married, as per the royal decree of the Supreme Court, but if they happen to stumble upon a baker or photographer who'd rather not participate in the event, they simply must find someone else. That's it. In other words, they are just being asked, and now being forced, to display the faintest modicum of tolerance and respect for their fellow citizens.

There is no real burden being put on these people. They are not being asked to make a sacrifice of any kind. They are not even being asked to change their behavior, even if their behavior is morally outrageous and self-destructive. They are not being asked to do anything, really. They are not being imposed upon. They are simply being told they cannot impose themselves on others.

[sharequote align="center"]'Transgenders' are simply being told they cannot impose themselves on others.[/sharequote]

Whether they like it or not, many women are not comfortable unchanging or using the toilet in the same room as penis-bearing males. I believe this is quite reasonable, but even if you don't think it's reasonable, it is nonetheless how the majority of women feel. Likewise, a small minority of especially devout Christians would sacrifice income and business in order to avoid taking part in something they (and billions of other people) find sinful and perverse. Liberals can tsk-tsk at these women and these Christians all they want, but they are real, they exist, and they have rights. And all they want to do is claim what belongs to them.

To be clear, the Christian's business belongs to him. The woman's privacy belongs to her. The Christian should, and in some states does, have domain over that which belongs to him when he is conducting his business in his own establishment, just as the woman should, and in some states does, have a guarantee that her privacy will be respected when she is "conducting her business" in a private room built and intended for use by females. Again, neither group is asking to take anything away from anyone. They simply want what is theirs and what was intended for them. That's it. That's all.

In North Carolina and Mississippi, and in some other states with similar laws, these groups now merely preserve the right to keep exercising the rights they've been exercising in their own little respective corners their whole lives. They have not been given the right, nor did they seek the right, to intrude upon someone else's corner and take that which does not belong to them. Whatever else you say about the Christians and the women in this scenario, there is no question that they are asking to retain what is theirs, not to be given what is not theirs. Neither group is making an outrageous or extravagant demand.

Gays, for their part, are being told merely to respect the private property rights and freedom of association rights of a comparatively small number of businesses who might not wish to make the dessert for their "wedding." The "transgenders" are being told merely to respect the privacy of females who only feel comfortable changing and using the bathroom around other females, and males who only feel comfortable using the facilities in a room set aside specifically for males. They are not being asked to actively affirm anyone's beliefs or do something that compromises their moral values, but only to not do something that compromises someone else's moral values.

Melissa and Aaron Klein, bakery owners, were forced to close shop when they refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. (Sweet Cakes by Melissa)

Yes, it might make a gay man uncomfortable to encounter a devout Christian wedding photographer who would rather not do business with him.  Yes, it might make a "transgender" uncomfortable to use the bathroom around other members of his sex, just as it makes him uncomfortable to be in his own skin and in possession of his own organs. But either gays and "transgenders" -- a small minority of people who share a common sexual proclivity, fetish, or mental illness -- must be made slightly uncomfortable for a few moments, or a vast majority of their fellow citizens must be deprived of something that is theirs, has been theirs, and should reasonably continue to be theirs.

That's the situation. Someone must be made to just "deal with it." Gays can just deal with the fact that some Christians want to run their businesses differently than they'd like, and "transgenders" can deal with the brief discomfort of going pee-pee in a room built and designed for people of their chromosomal makeup, or Christians can deal with being legally forced to make a good or provide a service against their will, and women and young girls can just deal with being exposed and vulnerable around cross-dressing men.

No matter where you stand on homosexuality or "transgenderism" it's entirely clear which group should be told to suck it up, buttercup, and go along with the program. Indeed, it demonstrates the fantastic selfishness rampant in this community that they think the majority ought to be forced to bend and contort and submit and bow and sacrifice their First Amendment rights just so that they, the homosexuals and "transgenders," might avoid a minor inconvenience.

Christians and conservatives are not the bullies in this scenario. All they want is a basic respect for their rights and their privacy. But because liberals would not allow them even that small consideration, now the issue must be codified into law. That's your fault, "LGBT" folks. Not ours.

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