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Obama has Turned a Blind-Eye to Terror Supporters on the US Homefront


Apparently financing and supporting terrorist groups from within the U.S. no longer warrants action by the president - it results in support and a well-paying job.

U.S. President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks about the killing of journalist James Foley in Syria during a statement in Edgartown, Mass., Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014. The president said the U.S. will continue to confront Islamic State extremists despite Foley's brutal murder. Obama said he spoke Wednesday with Foley's family and offered condolences. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

As we approach the 13th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, I can't help but be in utter disgust as Americans continue to sit back and allow our government to appease the very radical religious organizations that wish to pervert our Constitution in order to destroy our way of life.

Two of the most prominent Islamic organizations in the U.S. are the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America. These organizations are nothing more than front groups to instill radical Islamic ideologies while chipping away at our American culture and heritage.

 (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

In 1998 Omar M. Ahmad, Chairman of the Board for the Council, while at the Islamic Conference in Freemont, California was quoted as saying:

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

Both of these groups have direct ties to radical Islamist organizations such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2009, a Federal Judge stated in a ruling that the groups were in fact connected to the terrorist organization Hamas. Furthermore, the ruling revealed that there was “ample evidence to establish the association" (Pg. 15 line 1) of Hamas to these two organizations, as well as many other front groups in the U.S.

Recently declassified FBI memos also indicate that the Islamic Society was identified as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood around 1987.

Photo Credit: Islamic Society of North America Photo Credit: Islamic Society of North America

With Middle East tensions smoldering, we would expect the Obama administration to take necessary actions to ensure the safety of American citizens. Just like Canada has recently done, by reaching into their wallets.

Nearly one year ago, the Canadian Revenue Agency (equivalent to the Internal Revenue Services) revoked the Islamic Society's charitable exempt status after an audit revealed they distributed over $280,000 to a group linked to a Pakistani terror network.

The Islamic Society cooked the books to show that the money was being sent to the poor, when in reality the money was funding enemies of the United States and Canada.

How did President Barack Obama respond to these allegations against the Islamic Society?

Mohamed Elibiary Mohamed Elibiary

He sent them a pre-recorded speech congratulating them on their 50 years of service to Muslims. Has the president done this for any Christian's or Jewish groups? I'll let you answer that.

With legal evidence mounting one would think the federal government would step up and mirror the Canadian's actions and revoke the Islamic Society's charity status here in the U.S.; anything less would be preposterous. However, the lack of action one year later could be directly related to President Obama's recently promoted Homeland Security advisor, Mohamed Elibiary.

Elibiary should be a household name by now but somehow he's remained low-key. He's been the focus of many Congressional hearings due to the fact that he was handed a secret security clearance by the Obama administration and abused his access. Elibiary was accused of leaking classified documents to make Texas Gov. Rick Perry appear “islamophobic" as report by TheBlaze in 2011.

Following this severe security violation, President Obama promptly promoted Elibiary who was exuberant to boast about it on his Twitter account.

The term “islamophobic" was created in the early 1990's by none-other than International Institute for Islamic Thought, another front group of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was “designed as a weapon to advance a totalitarian cause by stigmatizing critics and silencing them."

It's not by chance that Elibiary chose a tactic design by the Muslim Brotherhood to go after someone he disagreed with. He's been completely open about his feelings towards the Muslim Brotherhood and is a proud supporter. In fact Elibiary's erratic tweet's speak for themselves.

Last summer when the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted from power, Elibiary couldn't stop tweeting his support for the terror group and even placed the “R4BIA" logo on his Twitter profile picture.

In late 2013, after the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Elibiary went on numerous Twitter rants expressing his anti-American sentiment by tweeting “…the United States of America [is] an Islamic Country with an Islamic compliant constitution."

Screenshot: Twitter Screenshot: Twitter

This is worrisome to any American reading his tweets. This man is in high position of trust and clearly his anti-American views are a threat to our security. What is astonishing is how he obtained and kept a current secret security clearance with these views. Have the standards been lowered since I last worked in this field?

We would think this man would be in hot water with his chain of command by now, but clearly there is no accountability within this administration, so his behavior goes unchecked and he continues to be an embarrassment on a global level.

On June 13, Elibiary was back at it again. This time he was showing his support for the Islamic State caliphate. He stated the caliphate was “inevitable" and it was America's choice to support it or not. He further inferred that he would like the U.S. to support the caliphate by framing it as an Islamic interpretation of the European Union.

Source: Twitter via Clarion Project Source: Twitter via Clarion Project

Elibiary's own radical messages are now being used by the Islamic State to recruit fighters to take part in their caliphate to destroy religious minorities and attack anyone who stands in their way.

Things begin to make sense when we see who's at the helm advising our leaders. We've opened the door to allow individuals with anti-American beliefs to assess our national security. We've allowed known terror groups to operate under front names in the U.S. with absolutely no repercussions.

It's only a matter of time before our nation is either attacked again, or these front groups perverse the Constitution so much that the U.S. will become unrecognizable. We must hold our government accountable for their actions since they have failed to hold their own advisors accountable.

Brian Kolfage retired from the Air Force after being severely wounded in Iraq and is a 2014 graduate of the University of Arizona's school of Architecture. Contact Brian at BrianKolfagejr@gmail.com www.WoundedAmericanWarrior.com

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