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Obama's Cloward-Piven Weapon of Mass Destruction
Photo Courtesy: Wayne Root

Obama's Cloward-Piven Weapon of Mass Destruction

The border is classic Coward-Piven. It allows Obama to destroy America without cooperation from Congress.

Photo Courtesy: Wayne Root Photo Courtesy: Wayne Root

Do you ever get the feeling everyone is in on a joke, except you? That maybe you are the punchline? That everyone is secretly laughing at you?

Well the joke is on America. Obama and his socialist cabal are in on the joke. Illegal aliens are in on the joke. The only ones left out are the rest of us- law-abiding American-born citizens and taxpayers. We are the joke. And everyone knows it…but us.

Do you see the picture above? It was taken yesterday by my friend- a U.S. border agent. He texted it to me- direct from the processing center. It shows an illegal alien he just caught wearing a shirt with his hero’s name on the back- OBAMA.

This is an every day occurrence my border agent friend tells me. Obama is the secret password that goes with the secret handshake. Obama is the secret sauce that guarantees entry to the U.S. Obama is the friend, hero, messiah and savior to every poverty stricken foreigner illegally sneaking over the border. Everyone, everywhere in the world knows this…but the American people. The joke is on us.

I am Barack Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. We were taught a plan back then to collapse the U.S. economy and destroy this country. It was called “Cloward-Piven” (named after a husband and wife professor team at Columbia). The Cloward-Piven plan involved using spending, entitlements, debt and crisis after crisis to overwhelm the system, distract and overwhelm the citizens, and cause the collapse of America. At that point the people would be on their knees begging for big government to save them from drowning. They’d willingly accept a socialist Nanny State without argument or debate under duress.

People agree to all kinds of terrible things while their lives and survival hangs in the balance. Panic causes bad decision-making. That’s the key- panic and duress. With your job gone, income gone, or facing a massive 9-11-like terrorist attack, or devastating Ebola pandemic, the country is in a panic. “Cloward-Piven” counted on the citizenry making a very bad decision under duress- choosing the very group that destroyed your life (government) as your savior.

Don’t look now but it’s happening. America is crumbling- and it all comes back to the border and those illegal aliens celebrating Obama. This is no mistake. This is no coincidence. This is a plan.

Obama only has two years left to completely destroy America. He knows as of days from now he’ll probably be dealing with a Republican Senate, as well as an expanded GOP House. He knows there is a good chance he’ll face impeachment hearings. He knows that his presidency is effectively over as of November 4th- he will never pass another bill.

So things have to be accelerated. He must spend his last two years bypassing the Congress. He must find a way to collapse our economy without the need for any laws, bills or cooperation.

The answer is…THE BORDER.

Every single thing that could overwhelm the economy, incite panic and bring Americans to our knees emanates from the border. I call this triumvirate of disaster B.E.T.- Bankruptcy, Ebola and Terrorism. Those are the 3 wild cards that change everything…the 3 “Black Swans” that overwhelm the system…that have the potential to bring our economy down- just as Cloward-Piven intended.

The key is Congress is powerless to stop these tragic events from spiraling out of control. The wide open border is Obama’s “Cloward Piven” ticket to destroy America without any need for cooperation from Congress. This is the ultimate WMD- Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Anyone can walk across Obama’s wide open border. Thousands of illegal immigrants are walking across every day. This is fact. They are uneducated, desperately poor and speak no English. Obama assigns them lawyers with taxpayer money. We spend billions on legal fees and court appearances. They get myriad forms of handouts from taxpayers- food stamps, housing allowances, aid to dependent children, free meals at school, free education, free healthcare…and don’t forget prison and police costs for their crimes. This is the bankruptcy of America. This is how you overwhelm the system. This is how you bypass Congress. This is why illegals wear Obama shirts and shorts and sneakers.

But that’s only the start of what a wide open border brings to America. Terrorist cells from ISIS are free to walk across that border. One massive terrorist attack like 9-11, with our economy in such terrible shape at the moment, could overwhelm the economy and trigger the collapse of our country literally overnight. Isn’t that a fast-track to achieve Cloward-Piven’s dream?

Then there’s the third wild card that comes from an open border. Foreigners sick with Ebola are free to walk across that border. One single Ebola case costs over a million dollars. One. Can you imagine the cost of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of Ebola cases? It’s unimaginable, unaffordable and unsustainable for the U.S. economy.

The government just announced a second case of Ebola in a healthcare worker this morning. But this is only the start. ISIS could be sending Ebola-infected victims over the border right now- to disperse throughout our communities and cause pandemic, panic and death.

Or an Ebola pandemic could explode in Mexico, Central and South America. Sick and frightened citizens of those countries could invade our border by the millions looking to escape the pandemic, or use the U.S. healthcare system to save themselves. Isn’t this Cloward-Piven’s dream?

Why would any sane leader leave our border wide open for attack, invasion, or pandemic? Only a madman would gamble with our lives…our children’s lives…and the entire American economy. Only a madman refuse to guard us against a possible WMD attack that could overwhelm the U.S. economy. Why would President Obama play “Russian Roulette” with the future of our country? Is he unstable? Or is this a purposeful plan?

Any American who isn’t blind can see something is very wrong. It's time for patriots, political and military leaders to speak up. Our President is clearly reckless, irresponsible, incompetent, unstable, or evil. Regardless of the reason, for the sake of our families, and our physical and economic survival, it’s time to remove Obama from office.

Now…before it’s too late. Before he gets us all killed by a “Cloward Piven” Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Wayne’s latest book is: “The Murder of the Middle Class.” Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, successful entrepreneur, small business defender, business speaker, Capital Evangelist, and conservative media personality – appearing on over 5,000 interviews in the past five years. Wayne’s web site: ROOTforAmerica.com.

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