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Obama's 'Occupy Election' Moment?


Political Strategists get paid to strategize over everything - including natural disasters.

Hello Sandy.

If Obama's advisors are remotely as good as self-advertised, they have reckoned how this hurricane can help their man. Here's how I think he may try to play it: Turn Hurricane Sandy into the next incarnation of the Occupy Movement - Occupy The Election.

(1) Stage One: Prolong, magnify and validate Hurricane Sandy as the epic event of ALL epic events.

Given the nature and magnitude of this awful event, it doesn't require Obama to make this a story - but the President's general posture toward the disaster (i.e. departing campaign trail, camping out in the White House) Will magnify, prolong and validate continuing national media coverage.

(2) Stage Two: Introduce and argue, in advance, the notion of a postponed, extended or otherwise perverted election day(s), "so everyone can vote."  In this case "everyone" means Obama supporters.

The real purpose here is not to actually change election day but rather establish the premise that serious people - and the media - must  consider as legitimate matter the demand for extra voting.

(3) Stage Three: There is a single election day, Obama loses.

But Obama has established the principle that any election not extended shut out "his voters" - on the basis of which, Obamunists demand an election re-do: Yell, moan, scream (and when Debbie Wasserman Schultz is finished) sue! Again, the real purpose here is not to actually secure another, or extended, election day - but to establish "Obama would have won but for the natural disaster - and, of course, the Fascist/Racist/Homophobe Romney supporters who denied Obama a "fair chance."

(4) Stage Four: Denied an unprecedented (and poisonous) affirmative-action, second bite at the electoral apple, the Left (because at this point, Obama fades to bit-player status) claims foul, e.g. "Yet another Republican President selected, not elected," "It wasn't a legitimate election." Yada, yada, yada.

The strategic purpose of which is, of course, to endeavor to delegitimize in the media (and the 47 percent of non-taxpaying public mind) the Romney victory, and his presidency.

(5) Stage Five: Democrats' reason for existing: "America didn't Really win. Obama didn't Really lose. Our message/ideas were fine, approved by most Americans." A Democrat defeat must NEVER, EVER be allowed to be even hinted at as failure of politics - only of messenger or evil extenuating circumstance - e.g. U.S. Supreme Court, ignorance of American voters or Weather! Mitt Romney is thus an illegitimate president; his ideas did not prevail; etc. etc.

Ergo: America was again duped and cheated by Republicans (NEVER by their message/policies/ideas). Need only await a restoration to the Natural Order of Things: A Democrat President.

(6) Stage Six: Just wait for Hillary Clinton.

Obama couldn't be president the night our SEALs begged for help and he watched them murdered - but he will play president during Sandy to execute Occupy Election Day.

Post Script: Someplace circa Stage Three, the Democrats will dump, disown, renounce, denounce, ignore and stiff Obama, as old news.


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