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One of America's Greatest Treasures Returns This Week: College Football

One of America's Greatest Treasures Returns This Week: College Football

With this sentence I think we may have just started The Blaze’s sports department. As we all know we need to make some loud statements with this upcoming election, but this is, like every year, a season of thanksgiving. College football is back!

From Columbus to Tuscaloosa to Austin to South Bend, the word “celebration” is most certainly an understatement. I would argue the traditions emanating from those crisp Saturday fall afternoons are some of America’s greatest treasures.

If you have: watched the War Eagle soar, sang to “Saw Varsity’s Horns Off”, jumped around Camp Randall, yelled Rocky Top, or bathed in Mirror Lake, then you already know what I’m talking about. It’s like being permanently jacked up on caffeine for three months. Every autumn day is Christmas Eve. The air itself has been febreezed with anticipation. What in the secular, everyday world promotes more camaraderie, fellowship and brotherly-love more than college football?

Unfortunately the art of the great American road trip is being lost, swallowed by outrageous gas prices. But back when one single gallon at the pump wasn’t the same price as a quick lunch, we used to spend our free days trekking from campus to campus. We were continuously humbled and floored by the sensory-overwhelming college football traditions America has to offer. It’s hard to explain the intimidating aura of 100,000+ rabid fans bellowing a song in unison.

This leads me to ask you a favor. In the comments section let us know your favorite college football tradition. Link a video if you can.

But what is a sports article without at least a hint of conflict? Alright, well here it is. College football is better than the NFL. The argument is not really even close, so let me just spend a few lines making this point. You cannot graduate from the University of Jacksonville Jaguars. Unlike mobile NFL franchises, Sparty will always be in East Lansing, and the Gators will forever rule Gainesville. The thunder of ageless marching bands make for better entertainment than Rihanna and Lady Gaga songs. The universities of Minnesota and Wisconsin have been playing each other every year for 103 years longer than the Carolina Panthers franchise has existed. This argument could go on for pages, but lets get back to reveling in the renewal of collegiate gridiron.

Really the point of this article is a reminder to be grateful for the blessings we in America get to experience. It’s seductively easy to get wrapped up in the negatives of politics. Our country does need God-fearing leaders to uphold the Constitution and promote American exceptionalism,

But in the midst of this election, let’s take a step back and say to ourselves, “God bless America the beautiful.”  Then quickly say to everyone else, “Fight On,” “Boomer Sooner,” “Geaux Tigers,” or, “Beat Michigan!”  The celebration starts this weekend.

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