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Police Protesters Desecrate Fallen Officer Memorial


Local officers were told to stand down, forced to watch their fallen brethren desecrated.

In an astonishing display of disrespect, police protesters defiled a fallen officer memorial in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, covering it in fake blood.

As if this bloody, distasteful symbol was not enough, one protester knelt down and shot a bird in front of the memorial, an image the activist group “Anonymous” opted to tweet out to it’s 1.45 million followers.

Photo: Occupy Denver

Denver police officers watched helplessly, choosing to honorably obey the instruction from their superiors to stand down. Forced to watch the protesters they were there to protect desecrate their fallen brothers and sisters, the officers reportedly had tears in their eyes in the aftermath.

Meanwhile, “Anonymous” cheered the protesters on on social media, sending this insensitive tweet in response to the officers’ tears.



“Anonymous” even went so far as to retweet a “My Bloody Valentine” tweet.


Ironically, on a date meant to commemorate love, these protesters opted to spew vitriolic hate. The protesters for “justice” insolently covered the names of heroes and peacemakers like Officer Celena Hollis, a 32-year-old cop who was shot in the head while trying to break up a fight at a jazz festival in 2012. Officer Hollis’ murderer received a maximum 26-year sentence as a result of a plea bargain. Officer Hollis received no justice.

Photo: Denver Police

Protesters obscured the name of Detective Donald “Donnie” Young II, who was working an off duty job at a baptism ceremony when a man shot him three times from behind in an ambush-style attack. Detective Young was killed early in the morning on Mother’s Day of 2005, leaving behind a wife and two daughters.

These are but two in a long list of heroes the protesters foolishly and indecently chose to dishonor, splattering their heroic remembrance in garnet paint.

Denver Community Defense Committee, organizers of Saturday’s protest, responded to criticism by expressing their “unwavering support” for all who participated in the protest. They elaborated:

“It is telling that at this moment, local media and the Denver Police Department are more offended over red paint being splashed on a piece of stone than the very real red blood that continues to stain our streets because of unchecked police violence. Although the paint was easily washed off the memorial, the scars left by police terror can never be washed away.”

The Denver Community Defense Committee has committed the same error far too many police protesters commit: they ignore the facts and instead operate based on raw emotion and assumptions.

Consider the Ferguson protesters. While the rioters chose to burn down buildings, wreak havoc, and devastate their local community in the minutes following the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, I ponder how many of these rioters took the time to explore the facts rather than operate out of pure, unadulterated, irrational reaction.

Here is what they would have found after a cursory perusal of the grand jury record: Michael Brown punched Officer Wilson in a physical altercation, attempted to grab the officer’s gun, and charged at the officer despite Wilson’s repeated admonitions to stop. These facts were fully corroborated by credible eyewitness testimony and fully consistent with forensic evidence. Contrary to popular myth, Brown was never shot in the back nor did he have his hands up, facts also corroborated by credible witness testimony and multiple independent autopsies.

These facts, though, are inconvenient to the blind protester, who shuns anything that disrupts his predetermined conclusions. And therein lies the offense of the blind protester: they adopt indecent means to advance questionable ends with no regard to the collateral damage they cause in the process.

It is a tragedy any time a life is lost – whether perpetrator, victim, or officer – it is a particularly egregious tragedy when a hero dies and their memory is commemorated with the splattered paint of a blind protester.

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