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President Downward Revision

Obama on 60 Minutes

Second quarter GDP was just revised down to a paltry 1.3 percent from 1.7 percent. Orders for durable goods fell by 13.2%, the worst drop since January 2009. Household incomes have fallen 8.2 percent under Obama. The low-wage workforce has grown by 30 percent as the labor force has shrunk by the millions. The major credit ratings agencies are threatening yet another credit downgrade. Most big economic indicators are going south. Some economic analysts, such as the American Enterprise Institute’s Jim Pethokouis, now put us back into the red zone, with odds of slipping into another recession at a whopping 50 percent.

Barack Obama is President Downward Revision.

Now we hear that the downward revisions aren't just limited to his catastrophic handling of the economy. His re-election team is now revising

downward expectations for his debate performances.  Because he's oh-so-busy n' stuff.

Get this. Obama campaign spokesperson Jen Psaki told ABC News that Obama may not be great in the debates because his presidential schedule is so

packed: "The President will have a little bit of time to review and practice before the debates, but he has had to balance the management of world events, governing, time out campaigning and will have less time than we anticipated to sharpen and cut down his tendency to give long, substantive answers," she said.

Since when has he been "balancing the management of world events" and "governing?" Last I checked, the Middle East is aflame, China and Japan are

locked in a serious dispute, Russia is running wild and the U.S. economy is flatlining, and the President is AWOL. Also, last I checked, Hillary Clinton

was the one meeting with world leaders at the UN because Obama was hanging out on The View. At least Psaki mentioned campaigning, but to be clear: that's ALL he's doing. Shooting the breeze with Jay-Z and running around Ohio doesn't leave much time to "manage world events."

Of course, if he's not "managing world events," that's a good thing, given how badly he's screwed up our alliances, emboldened our enemies, and let the wheels come off the world.

If he stinks up the place during the debates, it won't be because he didn't have enough time to prepare. He knows his policies and his own defense better than anyone. If he stinks up the place, it'll be because his policies have stunk up the entire country, and no matter how much rhetorical Febreze he tries to spray, the American people can still smell the leftist stench.

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