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Sen. Mike Enzi Wishes Obama Would Listen and Congress Would Quit Being Dysfunctional


The long-time senator from Wyoming talks Obamacare, government spying, Benghazi and the federal debt.

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Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) called Washington dysfunctional and wished that President Obama would just listen.

In an interview with Mallory Factor this week, Enzi said that even when Obama asks for advice and ideas, he ignores input from Republicans. He said that Congress is dysfunctional and can't pass any bills because "we are not legislating, we are deal making." He explained that the Democractic majority does not allow any amendments to be added to bills, which holds them up for weeks at a time.

One such amendment, which Enzi wants to see made to the current Energy Bill, would put the President, members of Congress and their staffs back on Obamacare. Enzi said that everyone was included on the bill that originally based the Senate and the House, but that the president exempted them before signing it into law. Enzi also said that when Obama asked for input on Obamacare, his own 10-step plan for healthcare was completely ignored. "I gave it to him writing, I gave it to him in an email, I gave it to him in person, I gave it to him at the White House and I gave it to him at the Blair house," Enzi said.

Enzi, who until 2011 was the only accountant in Congress, said that a 1 percent cut on every dollar (a penny for every dollar) spent by the federal government would balance the budget in two years. If that 1 percent cut could be on duplications within government agencies and would "not be a big deal." He also thinks that the American people would be willing to continue those cuts to address the debt and get America back on its feet again.

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