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Ted Cruz's Quest


The status quo in the Republican Party is being challenged and the establishment does not like it.

Criticism of the effort to defund Obamacare displays the hypocrisy of those that claim to serve the people. For as long as I can remember, people have bemoaned the lack of positive action in the Congress. Approval ratings have been very low for a long time and while people say they want integrity from elected officials, they keep electing the same people to do the same things which results in the same outcomes.

The House has now broken this trend by passing a bill to fund the government, but defund Obamacare. This is a bold move, and one that a majority of Americans wanted to see happen.

Now it is the Senate’s turn, and the heat is on. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and others that support this current action in the Senate are doing the same thing. They are listening to their constituents and doing what they feel is right.  Why is this being condemned?

Democrats of course are usually in opposition to Republican initiatives, but the reaction of so-called moderates in the Republican Party is particularly distasteful. It is the old guard in the Senate who long ago lost their zeal for the people, which are primarily opposed to the real mavericks in the Senate.

Cries of "it can't be done, it won't pass, it will hurt the party, it will help the Democrats" are exactly why Ted Cruz and his allies are right to be doing this action.

The people are entirely fed up with what is going on in our government these past five years. The huge victories gained in the 2010 elections prove that the people want real change. They elected people to Congress to work for the people, not to pursue the same traditions.

The potential for real change in Congress is happening right now, and should be encouraged, not derided. Many people in this country see the train wreck that is coming, and not just related to Obamacare. Popular pundits, like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin have the real pulse on what is going on in the country. Unlike previous periods in our history, people have access to vast amounts of information and are becoming more involved in their country’s direction.

The national debt is approximately $100 trillion dollars if unfunded liabilities are included. Unfunded liabilities contributed greatly to the bankruptcy of Detroit and other cities. Can you imagine how much worse would it be when the U.S. government cannot meet their liabilities?

The Obamacare nightmare is a poignant example of President Obama’s agenda that is soaked in failure and irrationality. Countless errors are strewn throughout it, deadlines have not been met, and exemptions have unjustly been granted to favorites. This legislation is a calamity waiting to happen and people are attacking the heroes that are trying to do whatever they can to stop this disaster.

The status quo in the Republican Party is being challenged and the establishment does not like it. Like the cranky old man complaining about that darn loud rock and roll and the kids on his lawn, these establishment Republicans or RINOs are exactly why people don’t like Congress and think the system is corrupt.

I value integrity. I value hard work. I value honesty. I value people who work to make this country better. Heroes are not born out of easy, commonplace situations, they are born in adversity and by displaying characteristics we all cherish, but do not always get the opportunity to demonstrate.

It is better to have tried and failed than not to try at all. Isn’t that what we teach our children?  You don’t teach your child “you can't be a doctor, don’t even try.”  Maybe those children won't make it as a doctor, but they will learn plenty along the way.  Or maybe they will be a doctor because they were encouraged to try even if though it seemed unlikely.

Similarly, Ted Cruz’s efforts, and those that support him, should be supported and encouraged, regardless of the naysayers. Very prominent people in the media and government are opposed to Ted Cruz and his supporters, and this actually makes me more attracted to what he is doing. Going against the grain is how many people in my generation grew up, and Ted Cruz is part of my generation.

We want people in government to be responsive and accountable to the people. We want them to be honest and hard working. Naïve? Perhaps. But I would rather be naïve than jaded, complacent, and the cause of the very low approval ratings in Congress.

Win or lose Ted, I admire and respect what you are your supporters are doing. I am not alone. Millions of us are cheering you on and are inspired by your integrity and genuine efforts to change the status quo, and make the frauds expose themselves to the public.

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