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Terrorist on the U.S. Payroll
Ft. Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan who was sentenced to death last year for killing 14 people, which included an unborn child and wounding 32 more.

Terrorist on the U.S. Payroll

In this photo released by the Bell County Sheriff's Office, Nidal Hasan is seen in a booking photo after being moved to the Bell County Jail on April 9, 2010 in Belton, Texas. (Photo by Bell County Sheriff's Office via Getty Images)

Nidal Hasan has proven himself to be the worst employee to come out of the U.S in the past decade. The so-called radicalized U.S. Army psychologist shot 13 service members dead, including an unborn child, and wounded 32 more at the Fort Hood Texas military base back in 2009. Many count the crime as the first real terrorist attack since 9/11, but the White House and the Pentagon have continued to fight that it be labeled “workplace violence” despite numerous connections to radical Islam.

As Hasan was arrested shortly after his alleged pre-meditated infidel attack, our employee of the decade is still getting paid the big bucks to rot in jail while awaiting his trial. The total cash he has accumulated so far in the name of Allah - a whopping $278,000 buck-a-roos - or in liberal terms - the equivalent of 55,600 Starbucks Latte’s - double shot of course. Keep in mind, that’s does not including his free healthcare and living expenses.

Yet ironically, Obama’s workplace related classification for the Fort Hood attacks have prevented the living victims and families of those killed from collecting any sort of combat benefits befitting to a soldier wounded or killed in the line of duty. That also includes denying them benefits similar to those given to the victims and families of the 9/11 World Trade Center Attack.

On the third anniversary of the attack the 148 victims and family members filed suit seeking 750 million dollars in damages, naming in it, then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta claiming gross negligence, among other claims. Their ultimate goal is to try and change the workplace categorization to terrorist attack.

Although they are awaiting some sort of final decision on the case, the Pentagon released papers in March of this year alluding to the fact that they do not plan on changing their position. Also trying to help, Congressman John Carter (R-Texas) introduced the Fort Hood Victims and Families Benefits Protection Act to the House this past February to try and change the benefit status, but the bill is still sitting in committee, far from a roll call vote.

I guess the whole workplace thing makes sense considering U.S. officials have referred to Hasan’s mentor, the pie in the sky American born Muslim darling Anwar al-Awlaki, as: a senior talent recruiter and motivator who specialized in planning and operations. (Ok - those same U.S. officials did mention al-Qaeda in the same sentence, but it will ruin where I’m taking this.) al-Awlaki also writes articles for an internationally known magazine (Bet you can’t guess which one?) and is well versed in the art of social media, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. (Was it at least 20 emails exchanged between the two?)

And although the FBI deemed the emails to be innocent enough--and they’ve never been wrong before-- isn’t the sign of a good motivator to make subtle and subliminal suggestions to his subjects?  Master motivator al-Awlaki has proven to be so effective, he even prompted the Boston Terror Attack from the grave. That’s besides the ten other highly publicized failed terror plots he inspired, both directly and indirectly, since 2007.  I mean, when terror experts are heard saying about his influence,  ”Hasan proves that you can be al- Qaeda by not even being al-Qaeda!”  - that’s an accomplishment worthy of a resume upgrade - or at least a mention on your Linkedin profile.

What’s even more maddening is the Fort Hood investigation has shown the FBI and the Army repeatedly failed to acknowledge the red flags Hasan flew every chance he could get. Officials were obviously hesitant to single out this devout (isn’t that an understatement) Muslim for fear of backlash from liberal critics who would most likely cry racism in the military.  The decision to ignore the ramblings of a Muslim madman was made on many fronts - all in the name of political correctness.  And it’s that same political agenda of “not offending” Muslims that caused Obama’s State Department to deny Ambassador Chris Stevens extra security in Benghazi. Officials ignored the warning flags in Benghazi just like in the Fort Hood tragedy - literally speaking. Weeks before the Benghazi attack, Ambassador Stevens reported black al-Qaeda flags flying on top of libyan government buildings.

Besides covering its ass, classifying the Fort Hood terror attack as workplace violence, is just another way for the Obama administration to shift and execute the ‘war on terror’ as a law enforcement issue. Well, Mr. President you can’t have it both ways.

Soon after the Fort Hood massacre, his own Democratic-controlled Senate released a report describing the mass shooting as "the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001.  Yet just days ago, while revealing his new super cool strategy to wind down the war on terror -  and obviously still living in Never Never land - our President claimed there had been “no large scale attacks in the United States since September 11, 2001.” Tell that to the people of Boston, Mr. President, and then invite them to the White House for a quaff of Sam Adams.

Tell us sir, will your law enforcement strategy continue to include drone strikes? We know how much you love them considering you have targeted more bad guys from the sky in the past six years than a teenage stoner from the 1980’s playing space invaders on Atari. It’s OK to target the “American-born” cleric citing terrorism (in case you didn’t hear- they’ve made it official), but what of al-Awlaki’s connection with Fort Hood shooter Hasan? Oh right, that just a professional working relationship gone bad.

Executing the war on terror using law enforcement will not work with these slippery little suckers. Did you know that a federal arrest warrant for al-Awlaki was issued and then subsequently withdrawn in 2002? Why? U.S. Attorneys said because they lacked enough evidence to prove he had committed a crime. Sound familiar?  I can hear the hunger pangs from Guantanamo calling already.

We can’t prosecute the terror suspects being held at the Guantanamo Resort because we do not have enough evidence, yet officials know those being held are radicalized Muslims who pose a threat to America’s safety. So, where does that leave our President and his renewed pledge to close Gitmo? Hopefully, according to the legal restrictions already in place  - nowhere.  I mean who let’s a bunch of hungry terrorists dictate our foreign policy anyway? Oh that’s right, our Commander in Chief.


Note: Maj Nidal Hasan’s pre-trial is to begin June 1st.  Once Hasan is found guilty his pay will be terminated. If he is convicted as a terrorist, victim benefits can be reclassified.  Since Hasan has requested to represent himself at the trial, maybe there is still hope yet.  Allahu Akbar!


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