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The Brussels Bombings and the Angolan Solution


Islamic terrorist attacks will continue to haunt Europe until it accepts the reality of how Islam views it and seriously considers the Angolan solution.

Syrian refugees and migrants are escorted to be registred by German police officers upon arrival from Austria at the Munich's main train station late September 3, 2015.
AFP PHOTO / ARIS MESSINIS (Photo credit should read ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Of Islam’s intentions concerning the non-Muslim world, British-American historian Bernard Lewis forewarned, “If I had to sum up my message…in two words, I would say: ‘Wake up.’”

That warning came in a 2008 documentary “The Third Jihad—Radical Islam's Vision for America.” Even then Lewis feared Europe, in a growing sea of Muslim influence in which Islamists freely swim, may well be a lost cause. With the influx of hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees since 2015, we now see how far into Europe’s coffin the Islamist’s nail has been driven as discerning violent from allegedly non-violent Muslims has become impossible.

The Brussels Islamic terrorist attacks—just like every other Islamic terrorist attack on the West—is linked to an Islamic ideology dividing the world into two parts: one (supposedly peaceful) where Islam rules (“Dar al Islam”) and one at war where Islam does not now rule but struggles to do so (“Dar al Harb”). While Muslims ignore the hypocrisy of the Dar al Islam world being one of peace, we ignore the reality of the Dar al Harb world being one in which Islam is at war with us.

In this photo provided by Georgian Public Broadcaster and photographed by Ketevan Kardava two women wounded in Brussels Airport in Brussels, Belgium, after explosions were heard Tuesday, March 22, 2016. A developing situation left at least one person and possibly more dead in explosions that ripped through the departure hall at Brussels airport Tuesday, police said. All flights were canceled, arriving planes were being diverted and Belgium's terror alert level was raised to maximum, officials said. (Ketevan Kardava/ Georgian Public Broadcaster via AP)

As non-Muslims, we naively seem to want to convince ourselves Islam is a peaceful religion while Islam does little to disprove it.

Consider an incident occurring in Brussels two days before the attacks.

Europe’s most wanted terrorist in the wake of the Nov. 13, 2015 Islamic terrorist attack on Paris was Saleh Abdeslam, 26. On March 18, he was arrested by Belgian police in the Molenbeek district of Brussels.

A four-month search to find Abdeslam failed to turn up leads within the Muslim community. Ironically, only a “suspiciously large” pizza order placed to the apartment where he was staying triggered further law enforcement scrutiny.

As Abdeslam was led away, uncooperative Muslim neighbors began throwing empty bottles and other items at police. At worst, they may have been fellow Islamists; at best, they were “peaceful” Muslims provoked simply because one of their own was being held accountable for murdering non-Muslims.

Whether one loves or hates him, Donald Trump stated a sobering truth that Muslims are “protecting each other” by not reporting community members suspected of terrorism.

Molenbeek has become a jihadist breeding ground over which the Belgian government has lost control. Jihadis there are supported, directly or indirectly, by a sea of non-assimilating Muslim residents. Similar areas, called “no-go zones,” exist throughout Europe.

These are Muslims who allowed the cancer of Islamism to take root in their own countries and, as mostly young males, proved unwilling to fight it at home, leaving their women and children behind to flee to Europe, where they now provide fertile soil for the cancer to spread once again.

Syrian refugees and migrants are escorted to be registred by German police officers upon arrival from Austria at the Munich's main train station late September 3, 2015.


Like sharks sensing a wounded prey, imams across Europe are in a feeding frenzy, preaching (to supposedly peaceful Muslim followers) how the entire West will fall to Islam. As a benevolent West opens its borders to Muslim refugees, their imams teach them their role is to establish Prophet Muhammad’s Shariah-ruled global caliphate—to include their host nation’s territory.

A cold reality is now hitting Europeans concerning Islam’s terrorist threat. A Belgian woman who no longer feels safe in her country explained, “It makes us want to leave, but we’re not sure the rest of Europe is any safer.” Sadly, an expert on Islamic terrorism observed, “the slaughter of innocents is becoming the new normal in Europe.”

While the West wrestles with how to resolve the Islamic terrorist threat, Angola implemented a solution in 2013. To better understand it, consider the following hypothetical.

Imagine today a 40-year-old man appearing on television, announcing he is a prophet communicating with God. God has told him all males choosing to follow his teachings will obtain great wealth in this life. Additionally, although entitled to several wives, tremendous sexual rewards (but apparently not spiritual ones) await them in the next life—including “eternal” (recycled) virgins and group sex.

Followers’ wealth will come by forcefully taking it from non-followers whom, refusing to convert, must be slain. The slayer is also free to take the non-follower’s women and children as sex slaves.

Furthermore, this God rejects equal status for female followers who are deemed to be chattel of male followers. As such, males are free to abuse all women and children. God’s ultimate will, the prophet preaches, is this religion be imposed upon the entire world.

We have seen various strains of the above teachings promoted by self-proclaimed prophets in modern times such as David Koresh’s Branch Davidians and Jim Jones’ The People’s Temple. We easily labeled them as false prophets and cultists.

This is the same conclusion the Angolan government has reached about Islam’s Prophet Muhammad—i.e., what he created was not a religion but a cult.

Muhammad was 40 when he began teaching Islam—teachings comporting with the above hypothetical. Scrutinizing the Prophet through a 21st century lens, Angola—a democracy and predominantly Christian nation—recognized danger existed in accepting Islam’s outrageous teachings as a religion.

Angola became the first country to ban Islam, ordering existing mosques be demolished. While Muslims comprise only .006 percent of its 16 million population, Angola understands Islam represents a deadly threat to stability. (Interestingly, Muslims are getting a taste of their own medicine as Christian churches have long been banned in many Muslim-controlled nations such as Saudi Arabia.)

Out of a naïve sense of political correctness, the West refuses to recognize we are in the midst of a war—a clash of cultures beginning with Islam’s birth and its mandate all other religions submit to it.

This war of Islamic aggression has ebbed and flowed for 1,400 years. Never before has the flow extended so far into Europe as today—and all because the West allows it in.

Like the Alamo, America may find itself a last bastion of hope against a numerically superior force determined to destroy it. If so, like the Alamo, there will be no reinforcements.

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