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The Elephant In The Room': #HackingHillary


Sometimes you have to realize there may be a problem and then search for answers. It's time to do just that if you are a Hillary Clinton supporter.

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Did you have a great holiday? Did you do anything fun? I spent it with my family and went to the beach. It was really wonderful just to unplug and get away. Wait! I’m not finished. Please continue to read and don’t focus on the elephant in the room.

That appears to be what the Hillary Clinton campaign is asking Clinton supporters and everyone else in America to do while she coughs her way through this election cycle.

This past weekend, Clinton had two coughing attacks that left her speechless.

Her first coughing spell occurred during her campaign stop at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio earlier in the day.

Clinton attempted to thank several Democrats who were on stage with her but had difficulty getting the words out due to her inability to stop coughing.

"I've been talking so much.”

“Every time I think about Trump I get allergic,” she said while the crowd cheered and laughed at her attempt at humor.

The Democratic nominees’ second uncontrollable coughing spell of the day happened shortly after her Ohio speech as she welcomed the press aboard her new campaign plane.

Clinton was unable to continue her conversation with the press and had to excuse herself soon after the presser began. Clinton again gasped to catch her breath from coughing and asked for water which didn’t appear to help.

Clinton campaign aides reported after her Cleveland speech that she was suffering from allergies. NBC News confirmed that the allergens were high in Northeast Ohio on Monday.

Well, that explains everything. I feel better now. No need to look any further except for the fact that previously this year alone, she had coughing spells on February 17 when she was speaking in Harlem, New York and on January 25 when she spoke before the Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines in Iowa. High allergen counts generally don’t occur during the winter in either of those two states.

It was believed originally that Clinton used her irrepressible coughing to avoid answering questions like those asked of her on Capitol Hill before the Benghazi Committee.

However, social media immediately questioned her health and wasn’t about to look past the lumbering elephant in the room when they began the hashtag #HackingHillary.

Many on Twitter offered their personal opinions about the Democratic presidential nominee’s health while others claimed the media lied about the high pollen count to explain Clinton’s third bout of nonstop coughing.

How much longer will questions regarding Clinton’s health go unanswered before even Clinton’s supporters begin to demand the release of her health records?

Perhaps some Clinton supporters want to have the first gentlemen, former President Bill Clinton run the country from the White House should Hillary get elected as Eleanor Roosevelt unofficially did for her husband, Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt?

That’s one elephant in the room the country just can’t afford to overlook!

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