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Trump Supporters Want and Encourage The Mob


We don’t need to see Donald Trump’s taxes to see his extensive ties to organized crime because we already know the businessman has been a lifelong supporter of the Democrat Party.

Trump mob. (Karl Knighton)

We don’t need to see Donald Trump’s taxes to see his extensive ties to organized crime. We already know the businessman has been a lifelong supporter of the Democrat Party.

If you haven’t noticed, the Democrats are the champions of every mob that seeks to usurp justice and the rule of law.

In all reality you could argue Trump’s dealings with the mob have had far less of a negative impact on our lives than his generous support for Democrat politicians.

Democrats defend everything from Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, labor unions, the LGTBQ movement, or any mob that demands their interests be placed ahead of everyone else’s rights. Democracy demands that the majority, or in some cases the toughest minority bully, makes the rules for everyone else.

This is exactly how Trump is selling his presidential campaign and telling people he is going to govern. And his voters are cheering him because of his ability to be a bully and not because his adherence and promotion of the U.S. Constitution.

[sharequote align="center"]Voters cheer Trump because of he's a bully, not because of his adherence to the Constitution[/sharequote]

In fact, the Trump campaign rarely talks about the constitution at all. Instead he concentrates on insulting the “stupid” politicians, touting his ability to make deals and get things done. His campaign promises to take control and firmly place Washington, D.C. under the thumb of Donald J. Trump.

Voters are apparently demanding this type of mob leadership and Trump is ready to deliver it in stereotypical fashion.

He already has the trophy wife and a bold spokeswoman who fearlessly hurls insults at political enemies. He has a family member embedded in the legal system and he is surrounded with politicians that owe him favors. We can’t forget about the Trump lawyer with the Brooklyn accent who effusively refers to his employer as “Mr. Trump” and issues not-so-subtle and vulgar threats against those soiling his immaculate reputation.

But Trump isn’t just ready to deliver the reality television version of the mob; he is ready to supply the exact same mob-like and bullying tactics Democrats have employed in Washington over the last decade: Belittle and bully your enemies or anyone that disagrees with you until they give in to your demands or just stop fighting.

Trump is already exercising this tactic practically on a daily basis, attacking enemies on everything but the substance of their arguments.

Trump mob. (Karl Knighton)

But his mob-like tactics don’t stop with his campaign opponents.

Just recently Trump made a veiled threat against House Speaker Paul Ryan by saying that the Ryan would need to get along with him or have to “pay a big price.” Trump has also threatened retribution on critics by opening up libel laws.

Trump’s supporters like to get mob-tough too.

Trump rallies have broken down into beatings of criticizers, with Trump egging on the “roughing up” and demeaning of protestors. Trump voters mindlessly abandon reason in favor of conforming to the thoughts and behavior of the mob-like leader. Greatness is apparently more important to the Trump mob than goodness.

Trump supporters are eager for payback and want a leader to take a baseball bat to their political opponents regardless of how diametrically opposed his ideas are to conservatism and the Constitution. They tell themselves we can worry about principles after we have power.

What Trump supporters apparently don’t understand is we already have a Washington full of politicians that promised us principles would follow once power was obtained. We have enough mobsters ignoring our Constitution in favor of personal gain. We have enough gangsters dedicated to the preservation of their reputations and political territories. We have more than enough thugs hurling insults and threats.

Electing a bigger and more effective mob is not the right response to take on the existing Washington crime families.

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