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What If the Tables Were Turned in the Politics of Immigration?


The only way out of that corner for the Republicans is to block any bill that would be acceptable to the Democrats, to focus their efforts on winning their traditional base, and to weather the hatred that will spew from the left.

What if God performed a miracle before the vote on immigration “reform” and transformed every illegal alien in America into staunch, conservative Republicans? Fanciful though it may be to consider such a miracle, thinking about the consequences can help us to cut through the shroud of rhetorical fog covering the immigration debate, because the likely response of the Democrats is both easily predictable and revealing.

First, the nation would find out just how fast Obama and the Democrats could build a fence on our southern border. Forget the talk about people who just want a better life or Democrats caring about immigrants. Since passing the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, the left has used immigration policy in general – for both legal and illegal immigrants – to further their political agenda by bringing in millions of left-leaning voters from Third World countries. The minute today’s illegal aliens ceased to be useful to that agenda, they would join law-abiding gun owners and tea party members on the left’s enemies list.

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