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Whitlock: Black men need to channel Will Smith, pimp-slap Democratic Party for tying us to abortion, LGBTQIA+, the matriarchy

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My only problem with Will Smith is he chose the wrong target to express his frustration over years of public emasculation. His wife, Jada Pinkett, is the source of his pain. She emasculated him, not Chris Rock or any other comedian.

But Will Smith deserves credit for recognizing his emasculation and mustering the courage to try to do something about it.

Have the rest of us? And by “us” I mean black men.

The Democratic Party has stripped us of our manhood, dignity, and spirituality. Our allegiance to Democratic politics has made us advocates for the abortion of our seeds, proponents of same-sex marriage, worshippers of the matriarchy, and disavowers of the faith-based tactics that led to our American freedom.

If we had an ounce of Will Smith’s self-awareness, we would slap the entire Democratic Party, including Barack Obama, and tell Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters to keep our names out of their mouths.

I say this in reaction to the abortion debate raging across our country. The leak of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s rough draft of a decision to overturn Roe v. Wade lays bare the emasculation and secularization of black men. We’re willing lambs sacrificed in honor of agendas that do not serve us.

No matter what Joy Reid and her parade of idiots say on MSNBC, abortion does not serve the cause of black men or people. Abortion is not a racial justice issue. It’s a racial injustice issue.

“I’m heartbroken because so many do not know life without Roe,” California Congresswoman Barbara Lee whined on the “ReidOut” Tuesday night. “Secondly it’s going to be low-income women, black and brown women who are going to be impacted the most. Women with money will be able to travel to states and afford to have an abortion. So this is an issue of racial justice.”

No, it’s an issue of racial injustice.

In the 50 years of Roe, estimates are that 30 million black babies have been aborted. There are approximately 42 million black people in America. Our percentage of the American population has been stagnant for 50 years because we’ve murdered 30 million black babies inside the womb.

This is not an accident. Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, supported eugenics, the Nazi plan to create a super-race of white people through selective reproduction. Selective reproduction requires selective destruction. The people arguing that abortion is racial justice for black people have selected black people for destruction.

Joy Reid, aka Racial Maddow, hosts MSNBC’s version of Jada Pinkett’s "Red Table Talk." Reid and her guests emasculate black men daily.

They’re pawns for the LGBTQIA+ movement. They allow the Alphabet Mafia to connect gay rights to the rights of black people. They tell black people that our American freedom is dependent on a woman’s right to abort her baby, gay people’s right to marry, and transgender people’s right to reclassify to the gender of their choice.

When courageous, God-fearing black men led the civil rights movement in the 1960s, did they attach the freedom and full citizenship of black people to abortion rights, gay marriage, or gender dysphoria? I don’t remember any of that being part of Martin Luther King’s dream.

It appears to be the dream of the Democratic Party. Democrats removed God from King’s dream and married black people to Planned Parenthood, same-sex marriage, and Caitlyn Jenner.

Barack Obama, the president Newsweek hailed as “the first gay president,” officiated the wedding ceremony. Jesse Jackson walked black people down the aisle and gave away the bride. Al Sharpton was the best man. Michelle Obama was maid of honor. Don Lemon was the ring-bearer. And, after deleting her homophobic blog history, Joy Reid served as the flower girl.

We’re the bed wench of the Democratic Party, Alphabet Mafia, and the matriarchy until death do us part.

Would we be better off married to the Republican Party? No.

We would be best served by remarrying God and opening our political dating pool to include Republicans. Our current, abusive spouse has convinced us that Republicans want to return us to slavery and/or Jim Crow. It’s an incredibly odd accusation given the fact that Republicans, especially evangelical Republicans, ended slavery and Jim Crow.

Think it through. The party that fought Democrats to abolish slavery in the 1800s, led the fight against Democrats for civil rights in the 1950s and ‘60s, and is currently trying to slow abortion, which disproportionately kills black babies, is the party we’ve been led to believe is controlled by anti-black racism.

Does that make sense? Or does it sound like the kind of nonsense a pimp would spew to keep his “bottom b***h” loyal? I apologize for the profane reference. But it’s the only analogy that properly fits. We’re being pimped by Democrats. We’re bottom b****es, the most loyal demographic in the history of American politics. We’re more loyal to Democrats than gay people.

A prostitute who hands her money, affection, and loyalty to a pimp hates herself more than anyone else. She’ll lie down with anything and anyone in service to her pimp. That’s our relationship with Democrats.

Kill our babies. No problem. Make gay the new black. Fine. Tie our freedom to the rights of drag queens. Sure. Whatever you need, Daddy.

In our right minds, we’d slap Barack Obama and everyone else who talked us into this toxic relationship.

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