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Whitlock: CNN+ another casualty of Donald Trump’s ‘Dead Dems Society’

Alex Edelman / Contributor | Getty Images

The left needs Donald Trump more than we do. That’s the takeaway from the rapid and shocking collapse of CNN+, the stillborn streaming service Cable News Network birthed three weeks ago and pronounced dead on Thursday.

Donald Trump is the sun that fuels the left. He is the source of their energy, the god they worship, the justification for their retention of power, the wind beneath their wings.

The left needs President Trump far more than we do.

Let me define my use of the word “we.” It represents those of us who are grateful to live in the most free, most fair, and most successful country on the planet. It represents those of us who recognize that our founding documents, the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, were biblically inspired and have been the force rooting out the unfairness of man’s nature.

My use of the word “we” in this instance isn’t intended to be politically partisan. It does not connote the political right. It signifies people in their right minds, people who are rational, objective, and believers in truth. We no longer need Donald Trump.

That is not written to denigrate and/or criticize America’s 45th president. It’s written to convey how far we’ve come and what he taught us. There was clearly a time, even if some of us failed to recognize it, that we desperately needed President Trump. We needed him to open our eyes to the depth and pervasiveness of America’s political corruption. We needed him to expose corporate media’s hostility toward the average American. We needed him to inspire us to stand up to the establishment.

Donald Trump was actor Robin Williams in the movie "Dead Poets Society," the eccentric teacher shouting “carpe diem” to teenagers who couldn’t resist the force of his personality. At the film's climax, Williams’ character, teacher John Keating, was wrongfully blamed for the suicide of one his students, Neil Perry. Perry’s parents forced the school to fire Keating, devastating the flock of boys inspired by Keating’s teachings. The boys staged an impromptu classroom insurrection, shouting “O captain! My captain!” when Keating briefly returned to class to collect his belongings.

Donald Trump is the star of "Dead Dems Society." His final lesson focused on election integrity. It reached its climax on January 6, when the establishment assassinated Ashli Babbitt for shouting “O captain! My captain!” inside the Capitol. The establishment blames Trump for Babbitt’s death. The truth is that corrupt politicians put Babbitt in harm’s way and an inept cop acted incompetently.

My point is we have graduated from Welton Academy, the fictional prep school in "Dead Poets Society." Keating taught his students well. He sent arrows into the world. His students no longer needed him. They knew how to seize the day.

That’s where we are with Donald Trump. We know what to do. The left doesn’t. The left is collapsing now that it is being forced to live without orbiting around Trump, the source of its power.

“Everybody profited from the ratings and the clicks with the anti-Trump vitriol,” Fox News media expert Joe Concha told me. “And now that Trump is gone, everybody’s struggling.”

Everybody on the left. CNN+ folded. Netflix is hemorrhaging subscribers. Spotify declined to renew its deal with the Obamas. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow suddenly only wants to host her show once a week. Comedian Bill Maher now regularly cracks just as many jokes on liberals as conservatives. Jack Dorsey gave up his Twitter CEO chair, is a critic of the Twitter board, and claims CNN was staging conflict in Ferguson, Missouri, during the Michael Brown controversy.

When the left has to actually defend its agenda rather than just shout “Trump,” its insanity takes center stage.

Disney is insane. The California-based company wants to dictate political policy in Florida. The Sunshine State enacted a law prohibiting teachers from teaching sexuality and gender to kindergartners through third grade. It’s a rational law. It empowers parents, leaving them as the primary “groomers” of their kids. Disney joined the leftists fighting against the law and the empowerment of parents.

Disney and the left want public schoolteachers to groom the sexuality and gender of 5-year-olds.

The absence of Trump from the White House makes the left’s agenda the star of the reality show corporate media broadcasts. The show is an absolute train wreck. It’s satanic.

The left’s “Defund the Police” sitcom has led to a dramatic increase in crime and violence. It has now turned extreme leftists against their political allies. New York City Mayor Eric Adams is engaged in a feud with Black Lives Matter. Adams has recently criticized BLM for ignoring the deaths of black people not killed by police.

Hank Newsome, the head of BLM New York, called Adams, who is black, a “white man in blackface.”

Now that they can’t fight Trump, the left is fighting each other. The modern left isn’t about building back better. It’s about tearing down everything in sight.

The left needs Donald Trump back in the White House more than we do. His existence on the political stage lets Democrats pretend they’re a force for good. Without Trump, all the Democrats have left is climate change. Speculating about Mother Nature isn’t nearly as profitable or interesting as calling Trump the next Adolf Hitler.

"Don’t Look Up," the Leonardo DiCaprio-fronted climate-change movie, couldn’t bail out Netflix.

"Dead Dems Society" is still America’s No. 1 movie.

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