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Whitlock: Jesse Jackson and the NAACP come out of the closet for ‘Alphabet Mafia’ soldier Jussie Smollett

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Jussie Smollett reveals the fraudulent convictions of the grievance industrial complex.

Today, as Smollett faces sentencing for the racial hoax he orchestrated three years ago, the grievance industrial complex’s leaders are rallying around the man who undermined the credibility of their life’s work.

According to the New York Times, Rev. Jesse Jackson is gravely concerned about Smollett’s safety if he’s incarcerated, stating in a mercy letter sent to the judge that Smollett is a “well-known, nonviolent, black, gay man with Jewish heritage.”

Everybody knows that well-known, nonviolent, black, gay men with Jewish heritage should not suffer harsh consequences for their crimes. Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King sacrificed their lives so that well-known, nonviolent, black, gay men with Jewish heritage could try to incite racial division and unrest without fear of legitimate retribution.

“Jussie has already suffered,” Jackson wrote, according to the Times. “He has been excoriated and vilified in the court of public opinion. His professional reputation has been severely damaged.”

The scorn of white people Smollett and his supporters classify as bigots is punishment enough, according to Jesse Jackson.

Jesse is not alone. Derrick Johnson, the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, also penned a letter pleading for the judge to show mercy to Smollett.

The black civil rights community has not excoriated or vilified Smollett. The actor remains a hero among activists who claim to have dedicated their lives to uplifting black people and protecting our reputations.

In December, a jury convicted Smollett of lying to police about a racist and homophobic attack in Chicago. Smollett orchestrated the hoax, paying two black men to help him stage the ruse. The jury convicted Smollett on five of six charges of felony disorderly conduct. His maximum sentence is three years in prison.

Jackson, Johnson, the NAACP, and other alleged racial justice advocates are asking for Smollett to receive no jail time. Their position makes little sense given their alleged line of work.

Jussie Smollett undermined the work of civil rights organizations. He undermined the credibility of every black person who alleges he suffered bigotry. Smollett is the boy who cried wolf. He’s learned no lesson. He’s expressed no remorse. If the judge setting his sentence does not acquiesce to the pleas of Jackson and the NAACP and chooses to send Smollett to jail, the actor will claim he’s a victim of a racially discriminatory justice system.

Smollett still sees himself as a victim. He’s a well-known, nonviolent, black, gay man of Jewish heritage. The American system was set up to destroy him. How he slipped through the cracks and became a celebrity millionaire is a mystery we may never solve.

On a serious note, Smollett deserves three to six months of jail time. If Jackson and Johnson were serious about advancing the cause of black or colored people, they would have excoriated Smollett three years ago and they would be infuriated today because Smollett has yet to express an ounce of remorse.

Could you imagine someone trampling your life’s work and not being outraged? Jackson’s alleged lifelong mission is fighting racial discrimination. His Rainbow Coalition is based in Chicago, where Smollett pulled his stunt.

I understand that Jesus forgave Judas. But I bet the other disciples are still fuming. Jesse Jackson isn’t Jesus. Jackson is the Judas who betrayed Dr. King’s life’s work. Jackson and Smollett betrayed black people. Perhaps that’s why they remain allies. One is an actor; the other is an actorvist.

Had Smollett’s hoax been believed, it would be easy to imagine rioting in Chicago, a city already plagued with violence and racial division. Jackson calls himself a minister and says his Rainbow Coalition is about bringing people together.

Smollett lied and attempted to spark division. Christianity is about truth and unity. Smollett’s lack of repentance marks him as an agent of Luciferian chaos.

This is who the Rev. Jesse Jackson is pleading for.

We should not be surprised. The grievance industrial complex is completely fraudulent. It’s built on hoaxes, distortions, and misinformation.

Melina Abdullah, a founder of Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles, penned a mercy letter for Smollett. Has there been anything more fraudulent than the LGBTQ+ movement’s use of BLM as a beard and Trojan horse for an agenda to destroy the nuclear family?

Smollett, Jackson, and Johnson are all soldiers in the BLMLGBTQ+ Alphabet Mafia. It’s their sworn duty to protect the welfare of well-known, nonviolent, black, gay men with or without Jewish heritage.

Editor's note: This column has been updated and corrected. It previously stated that the judge in Smollett's case is black. TheBlaze regrets the error.

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