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Whitlock: Kanye West’s ‘Thanksgiving prayer’ illustrates the dangers of marrying a feminist

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Kanye West married the wrong whore. I’m not talking about Kim Kardashian. I’m referring to fame. Kardashian is the other F-word — feminist, which is just as bad.

Fame is Kanye’s true love, the addiction that alternately tortures and pleases him, the obsession that has turned his life into “The Truman Show,” the fixation that caused him to abandon the name his mother gave him and relentlessly pursue a woman who loves transactionally.

Kanye West is a fame whore and a cuck. His relationship with Kardashian is emblematic of an American male culture that chases social media approval and disavows man’s natural leadership instincts to maintain peace at home with a feminist spouse.

A seductive tramp brought a billionaire rapper to his knees.

But Kim Kardashian is really just a symptom of Ye’s fame addiction. She’s the crack pipe lost beneath the driver’s seat of his car. She’s a clue to the depth of his descent and addiction. At 19, while high on ecstasy, she married a music producer. At 26, she fueled her celebrity with a leaked sex tape. At 31, she married a journeyman NBA player. By age 33, she was married to West. Today, as of this writing, the mother of four is in a relationship with a 28-year-old comedian.

On Thanksgiving Day, Kanye released a five-minute self-emasculating video begging Kim Kardashian to take him back and copping to a laundry list of wrongdoings. He called the video a prayer, and a choir sang in the background.

It was not a prayer. It was a confession to a false God — the fame whore — delivered at the altar of social media.

“All I think about every day is how I get my family back together and how I heal the pain that I’ve caused,” he said. “I take accountability for my actions.”

As far as celebrities go, Kanye West is a darling of conservatives. He supported President Donald Trump. He professes Christian faith. From the single “Jesus Walks” to the album “Jesus Is King,” West is one of the few commercial rappers who explores Christian themes.

I’ve always defended Kanye. But his Thanksgiving prayer and his work with Lil Nas X on the song “Industry Baby” make me suspicious of Kanye’s true motive and unable to sympathize with his journey.

Religion is just another tool Kanye is using to pursue fame.

Any heterosexual man can relate to being madly in love with the wrong woman. What’s unrelatable — or at least grossly unsavory — is using God, a choir, and prayer in pursuit of that woman.

Kanye’s Thanksgiving prayer should be retitled “Kim Is King.”

“My wife did not like me wearing the red hat,” Kanye confessed. “Being a good wife, she just wanted to protect me and our family. I made me and our family a target not aligning with Hollywood’s political stance, and that was hard for our marriage.”

Kanye just explained why many men, particularly black men, are reluctant to support Trump and/or admit that they reject the left’s undermining of the patriarchy. Men fear losing their wives and girlfriends. It’s the brilliance of the Democratic Party and corporate media painting Trump as the second coming of Adolf Hitler and Ted Bundy rolled into one U.S. president.

Trump is a wedge issue inside a marriage or relationship. Women see him as a racist predator. Weak men go along with the charade. Trump support is a lethal issue within a relationship dependent on fame. Kim Kardashian has no issue with Trump. In her quest to defend people she deemed wrongfully convicted of crime, Kardashian rolled in and out of the White House whenever she felt like it. She wanted Kanye to keep a safe distance and not publicly wear his true political views.

It sounds like a reasonable request. However, it’s not reasonable when you believe the political opposition is attempting to rewrite the Constitution, dismantle Western civilization and the nuclear family, stir racial animus, define heterosexual Christian men as evil, and surrender power to China.

Conservatives want the same freedoms liberals enjoy. Under the guise of stopping climate change and preventing white supremacists from overthrowing our government with flagpoles, liberals proudly wear their political views and affiliation. Conservatives believe they’re saving the world, too.

Kanye wants his family back. He should be praying for a return of his balls. He can’t see that Kim stole them. His addiction to fame clouds his vision.

Don’t make the mistake Kanye made. Don’t marry, date, or bed a feminist. Don’t let a woman blind you to the truth.
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