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Whitlock: Minneapolis mom’s screams a consequence of Black Lives Matter and Ben Crump’s protection of criminals

MATTHEW HATCHER / Contributor, Michael M. Santiago / Staff | Getty Images

It’s time for a name change: Black Violence Matters.

Reaction to the death of Tekle Sundberg lays bare the true mission of Black Lives Matter. The hashtag movement is dedicated to legitimizing and legalizing black violence, particularly violence that victimizes poor black people.

BLM does not care about the lives of black people. The hashtag is the modern-day KKK hood, a disguise to conceal the bigotry, depravity, and greed of its supporters.

Ben Crump is BLM’s Imperial Wizard, the mush-mouthed, imbecilic southerner profiting from the peculiar institution of anti-black discrimination. Crump fashions himself as a civil rights attorney, a descendant of Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King. Crump is the Frankenstein monster, the low-IQ creation of Johnnie Cochran and Al Sharpton.

Marshall and King fought for the rights of working-class black people interested in pursuing the American Dream. Cochran and Sharpton ballooned their bank accounts fighting for the rights of criminals interested in evading responsibility for their immoral deeds.

Crump’s latest clients are the adoptive parents of Andrew Tekle Sundberg, a 20-year-old man Minneapolis police snipers killed after a six-hour standoff. Sundberg shot up an apartment building. His bullets pierced a female neighbor’s home. The woman was inside cooking dinner for her two children, a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. The woman is mixed race. Her kids have a black father.

Tekle Sundberg nearly murdered three black people: a woman and two kids. Police killed a domestic terrorist.

The Grand Wizard of Black Violence Matters had a different take on the actions of law enforcement, tweeting:

“This is Tekle Sundberg. Minneapolis Police Department killed this smart, loving & artistic 20-year-old after an hours-long standoff while he was experiencing a mental health crisis. We need ANSWERS from MPD as to why Tekle's mental health crisis became a death sentence!”

The answer is simple: Tekle nearly took the lives of a woman and two children, and his actions made it clear he cared far less for his life than do the lawyers who can profit from his death.

It’s really that simple.

But we live in an era of organized chaos, anarchy, and confusion. So, over the weekend, Sundberg’s adoptive parents and Black Violence Matters protesters staged a rally at the scene of Tekle’s suicide-by-cop.

The rally justifiably infuriated Arabella Yarbrough, the mom nearly killed by Tekle. She confronted protestors.

“Y’all should’ve came and helped him when he was alive,” she screamed while recounting the trauma she experienced during his mental health crisis.

There was no money to be made or attention to be gleaned when Tekle Sundberg was alive. When he was alive, he was just the black Ethiopian kid adopted by well-meaning white folks when he was 4 years old. Now that he’s dead, BLM Minnesota can raise money off his sanitized memory and Crump can negotiate a financial settlement with the city for his death.

Tekle is an uncashed lottery ticket. Arabella Yarbrough is an inconvenient truth. She represents the intentional collateral damage of the 8-year-old Black Lives Matter movement. She’s displaced from her home. She and her children will live with the trauma caused by Tekle for the rest of their lives.

Black neighborhoods are less safe today than they were eight years ago when three lesbian activists started Black Lives Matter in reaction to the death of Trayvon Martin.

Black lives haven’t been protected. Black violence has.

BLM is an organization dedicated to protecting violent black criminals. It’s a gang funded by American corporations, marketed as a civil rights movement by corporate media, supported by celebrity elites, and used by middle-class blacks to climb the corporate ladder.

It is a hustle founded on lies.

Trayvon Martin nearly beat George Zimmerman to death.

Michael Brown bullied a store clerk, tried to take a police officer’s weapon, and then charged Darren Wilson.

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend shot a police officer in the leg, sparking the deadly confrontation.

Rayshard Brooks fired a taser at police.

Jacob Blake resisted arrest and grabbed a knife.

George Floyd overdosed on drugs.

Police are not infallible. They make fatal mistakes, and sometimes they intentionally do harm. But let’s stop pretending the main mission of Black Lives Matter is to protect black lives. That’s a joke.

The mission is to destabilize communities, undermine law enforcement, and empower criminals. It’s working. Fewer men and women want the responsibility of policing single-parent black communities and major cities in general. It’s thankless, high-risk work.

Arabella Yarbrough’s frantic screams are the byproduct of a corrupt civil rights movement. The movement cares more about the safety of criminals than the safety of women and children.

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