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Whitlock: MSNBC’s ‘Three Stooges’ — Maddow, Reid, and Wallace — invite election viewers to hell on social media’s earth

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Last night I watched MSNBC's election coverage. It was anchored by Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, and Nicolle Wallace, the Mo, Sha'Carri, and Shirley of the Alphabet Mafia.

The three stooges of sexual identity, racial identity, and gender identity presented a portrait of American reality far different from my interpretation.

In their view, critical race theory doesn't exist and certainly isn't being taught in American schools, an investigation into Thomas Jefferson's worldview is a high priority, Jan. 6 was a violent bloodbath that nearly toppled our republic, and Virginia's gubernatorial race was a referendum on re-instituting Jim Crow laws.

The picture painted by Maddow, Reid, and Wallace likely explains why Republican Glenn Youngkin won his race for governor and why he'll be joined in office by Republican Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, the first black woman to win a statewide election in Virginia.

It's difficult to retain and sustain power with lies. The political left and its propagandists in corporate media have been lying nonstop for the past year. A wise con man conceals his lies with occasional truths. Politics attract con men, both left and right.

Big Tech and its social media apps convinced Democrats to be unwise, to abandon truth completely. Big Tech believes its Twitter and Facebook algorithms are in control of truth.

Youngkin and Sears believe in a much higher power, a truth spelled out in the Bible and backed by the blood of Jesus.

Democrats and their pundits will spend the coming days and months trying to figure out how the state of Virginia elected President Joe Biden by a 10-point margin and 12 months later elected Youngkin and Sears. They will, of course, blame racism, Donald Trump, the Proud Boys, and Thomas Jefferson, and eventually they will shred Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe as a horrible candidate.

They will not admit that voters rejected their reliance on lies. They will not admit that Twitter and Facebook baited them into believing that lies supported on the social media matrix could be converted into real-world truths. It's not just comedian Dave Chappelle. Ordinary American citizens are snapping out of the woke coma induced by Twitter.

"Twitter isn't a real place."

Twitter is where the Three Stooges go to have their lies confirmed. On social media, you can earn likes and retweets pretending that January 6 was the modern-day Pearl Harbor. Yesterday, Nicolle Wallace claimed police were "maimed by flag poles" during an insurrection.

The truth is a bunch of frustrated taxpayers, at the behest of FBI informants, staged a mostly peaceful protest inside the Capitol. An incompetent police officer shot and killed a tiny, non-threatening woman, Ashli Babbitt. In comparison to the riots, looting, and arson we witnessed across the country in the Summer of St. George Floyd, January 6 was a 1950s-style sorority panty raid.

On social media, you can garner likes and retweets firing off tweets claiming that 2021 America is no different from 1921 America. Late last night, as it became evident Youngkin would win, Jemele Hill tweeted: "It's not the messaging, folks. This country simply loves white supremacy."

The tweet has 16,000 likes and nearly 5,000 retweets. Hill thinks she's tweeting hard truths to power. She's just running to Twitter to get her insanity and lies confirmed. I'm sure Joy Reid did the same thing after ranting on TV that Republicans are a danger to our national security.

Is Winsome Sears a danger to America? She immigrated to America at age 6. She joined the Marines before she was an American citizen. She's lt. governor-elect of the state of Virginia. She's black. So is her husband. So are her kids. Are they all a danger?

MSNBC's Three Stooges argued that Republicans have constructed a fantasy world, an unfair political terrain that makes it difficult for Democrats to compete. Nicolle Wallace argued that schools are not teaching critical race theory. She backed Terry McAuliffe's lie that the state of Virginia was not implementing critical race theory into schools.

These lies are too easily debunked. While serving as governor in 2015, McAuliffe's department of education explicitly directed public schools to embrace critical race theory. The Virginia Department of Education website recommends CRT. Check out this string of tweets.

The left has abandoned the truth. Men are birthing people. Biden appointee Rachel Levine made history as the first female four-star admiral. Police pose a much greater threat to black men than gang violence. George Floyd is a hero. Biological men should be allowed to compete against women in sports. The only way to survive COVID is with three masks, six vaccines, and in constant isolation.

The world the Three Stooges believe exists is on Twitter. It's a satanic world where the truth is under constant attack. Virginia voters live in a different world, a world that answers to a higher power than Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg.
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