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Whitlock: Rittenhouse trial demonstrates the folly of ‘racial justice’ and trolling white conservatives

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The slippery slope of televised "racial justice" started with us, black people, wrapping our arms around O.J. Simpson during a double murder trial 27 years ago. It did not matter to Simpson's supporters that the all-time great running back eschewed any semblance of racial loyalty or that Simpson likely committed the murders.

Duty called. Black people clung to the hem of Simpson's garment as if miracles would be derived from the agitation of white people incensed by the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

The slippery slope we boarded in 1994 has hit rock bottom in the Kyle Rittenhouse double murder trial. In our never-ending zeal to agitate white people, we have wrapped our arms around Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, two deceased white criminals.

Rosenbaum was a convicted pedophile. A decade ago, a grand jury in Arizona indicted him on 11 counts of child molestation involving five boys ranging in age from 9 to 11. The charges included anal rape. He copped a plea and was convicted of two of the 11 counts. He suffered bipolar disorder. He attempted suicide. He was released from a mental institution hours before confronting Rittenhouse, threatening to kill Rittenhouse, and trying to take Rittenhouse's AR-15 rifle.

Huber was a serial domestic abuser. He pled guilty to strangulation, suffocation, and false imprisonment. He had been charged with disorderly conduct and use of a dangerous weapon. In the moments before Rittenhouse shot him, Huber clubbed Rittenhouse with a skateboard.

Rosenbaum and Huber are the new O.J. Simpson. They are the stars of "White Is the New Black," a docu-series airing on CNN, MSNBC, and across all social media platforms illustrating the utter lunacy of a "racial justice" agenda built around irritating conservative white people.

That's the point of racial justice. Irritating white people.

We, black people, are so confused, so misled, so lacking in strategy, leadership, integrity, and substance that we've reduced black progress to trolling white people. We replaced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with "Black Twitter."

How does convicting Rittenhouse of murder for defending himself against the attack of psychotic criminals advance the cause of black people?

It doesn't. It's no different from the acquittal of O.J. Simpson. A handful of black comedians made money cracking O.J. jokes. Johnnie Cochran burnished his reputation as America's best trial lawyer. And black people got to giggle among themselves about how irate their co-workers were that O.J. walked.

But nothing changed for the betterment of black people. The biggest winners were the cable news channels. O.J. launched TV careers and networks. Fox News and MSNBC launched in the aftermath of the Simpson trial. Greta Van Susteren, Geraldo Rivera, Dan Abrams, David Gregory, Nancy Grace, Harvey Levin, Jeffrey Toobin, and Eliot Spitzer all rode the Trial of the Century to fame and fortune.

O.J. benefited the white people who were willing to go on TV and lie about what was happening inside the courtroom. The O.J. trial is the only trial I watched start to finish. Cochran and his dream team of attorneys destroyed the prosecution from voir dire to closing arguments. The TV experts pretended that prosecutors Marcia Clark and Chris Darden were holding their own.

The same thing is playing out in the Rittenhouse trial. Corporate media are pretending the prosecution is proving Rittenhouse is guilty of murder, and black people are foolishly anticipating a moment of frustrated-white-people satisfaction.

Black people are Charlie Brown kicking a football that white people keep pulling at the last second. The frustration of white people does not improve the lives of black people.

If we want to be taken seriously, we need a far more tangible goal. The current one is embarrassing and counterproductive. It makes black people look weak, illogical, and immoral. The current goal forces us to turn O.J. Simpson, George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Joseph Rosenbaum, and Anthony Huber into martyrs and heroes.

Racial Maddow, aka Joy Reid, shouted Rosenbaum's name on TV the other night like she was referring to Medgar Evars.

A Black Lives Matter clown from Portland, Oregon — Greg McKelvey — tweeted yesterday that employers should give their black employees a day or two off from work after the Rittenhouse verdict… regardless of the verdict. McKelvey says it's going to be hard for us to work and it isn't fair for our employers to expect us to.

The deaths of a white pedophile and a white domestic abuser have shaken black people to the point that we need time off work to recover? McKelvey is insane. He suffers racial dysphoria. He's half black and half white, born to a black dad and a white mom. He's married to a white woman. His children look whiter than Mike Pence in the dead of winter.

McKelvey is the worst kind of half-white liberal. He absolutely loves the white fruit, but his blue-check public persona is based on pretending to hate the white tree that produced it.

McKelvey is just another power-obsessed liberal using "racial justice" to seize power and fame. It's all a consequence of the slippery slope.

Yesterday, during closing arguments, assistant district attorney Thomas Binger put an exclamation point on the absurdity of the racial justice being sought in the Rittenhouse trial. Binger rationalized the violent and bizarre behavior of Rosenbaum on the night of the shooting, including excusing Rosenbaum's use of the N-word.

"Oh, and he said some bad words," Binger mocked. "He said the N-word. Tsk, tsk, tsk."

A pedophile who dropped the N-word is the newest racial justice martyr. Never thought I'd miss the days when O.J. Simpson was a hero.
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