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Whitlock: The pursuit of ‘racial justice’ camouflages the revolution of American corporate media support

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Corporate media outlets are not fanning the flames of racial division for ratings or relevance. The goal is revolution, the rewriting of our Constitution and the dismantling of Western civilization.

CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, your local newspaper, and their collaborators in China and Silicon Valley want to define America as a failure, a casualty of institutionalized racism, a human experiment in need of radical change.

By pointing out this obvious fact, I run the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist. By acknowledging this obvious fact, you run the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist.

We can no longer afford to delude ourselves with comforting lies. There are few accidents when it comes to the seizure of political power. The last accident was Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election. Everything before and since has been a product of careful planning, design, and execution.

The lies spun about Kyle Rittenhouse, Jacob Blake, and Kenosha are not innocent mistakes. They're intentional talking points distributed to the outlets and personalities sympathetic to the cause of changing America by any means necessary.

"Rittenhouse crossed state lines!"

That rallying cry was no accident. That's a talking point handed to the useful idiots working inside corporate media. It's propaganda. So was presidential candidate Joe Biden's insinuation that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist.

Corporate media's fixation on defining every human encounter in racial terms is a tactic, not a virtue-signal born of white guilt. It's a strategy that characterizes America's 400-year narrative arc as racial conflict rather than a moral, societal evolution.

The Judeo-Christian values embedded in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights did more than establish our culture as separate from England's. Our founding documents set up an internal battle of good vs. evil. It forced America to examine and address its flaws. For nearly 200 years, America sacrificed its blood to expand freedom to black people, and American men surrendered power to expand freedom and agency to women.

America no longer debates morality. It has spent the last 60 years expanding the acceptance and normalization of immorality. Communism, and its hostility toward religion and objective truth, is immorality's best friend.

The public square is filled with people debating the gross lies propagated by corporate media. It's a brilliant tactic. We've spent much of the past decade arguing about whether law enforcement is systemically brutalizing unarmed black men. The whole conversation is a lie. The lie contaminates everything it touches.

That's how a trial about the interaction between four white men — Kyle Rittenhouse, Joseph Rosenbaum, Gaige Grosskreutz, and Anthony Huber — turned into a referendum on the criminal justice system and black men.

"Well, if Rittenhouse was black, the police would have shot him on sight, and the jury would have convicted him of murder."

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired the first shot, striking a Louisville police officer. Walker was never charged with shooting a cop. He's viewed as a victim and a hero. On the same day Rittenhouse was acquitted, Andrew Coffee was acquitted of murder and attempted murder charges surrounding his shootout with police in Florida. Coffee is black. He's a felon. He illegally possessed a firearm.

These lies aren't being told for ratings and relevance. They're not told out of guilt. The lies camouflage the agenda. They create the illusion that revolutionaries are really just well-intentioned anti-racists. Anyone who objects is a racist or supports white supremacy.

The lies fertilize a revolution billionaire elitists are financing and promoting. They want a new constitution. They want America to operate like China, a country run by the communist party. Elites — athletes, entertainers, media personalities — all do quite well in China as long as they promote the government agenda.

LeBron James is 10 or 20 times more popular in China than he is in America. James is loyal to the people and the government that are most loyal to him. LeBron's childlike demonization of America serves his strategy. He's not uninformed. He's executing a strategy that serves him and other professional basketball players.

Participation in pro sports has far more to do with genetics than hard work. I'm not arguing that athletes don't work hard. I'm saying that a tiny percentage of the population will grow tall enough to play in the NBA. The average height of an NBA player is 6' 6". About 15 percent of the world's population is 6 foot or taller. Less than 1 percent of the population reaches 6' 6". The NBA caters to a tiny, elite group of genetics-lottery winners.

Strength — a key ingredient to play in the NFL — is also a byproduct of genetics. It's not a coincidence that basketball and football players are some of the biggest proponents of the racial lies being used to vilify this country.

The high-profile supporters of Black Lives Matter and the agenda to dismantle Western civilization fit an FBI profile:

Mixed race. Openly LGBTQ. Closeted LGBTQ. Atheist. Low IQ. Athletically gifted. White spouse/partner. Obsessed with social media.

They don't have to check every box. But if they check half of the eight, you've found a match. The people in charge of promoting the revolution know who they're looking for and who will support their agenda. This is a well-funded, highly orchestrated coup.

Pretending it is not only enhances its chances of success.

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