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Squires: Democrats are 'queering' black men like Justin Pearson and transitioning them from civil rights leaders to trans cult followers
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Squires: Democrats are 'queering' black men like Justin Pearson and transitioning them from civil rights leaders to trans cult followers

Anyone who doubts that “rainbow” is the new black is not paying attention to how Democrats are “queering” black men on a daily basis. The BLM-inspired transition from racial justice to "Pride" Power was on full display this past weekend at Church of the River in Memphis.

Justin Pearson, a member of the “Tennessee Three,” started his Easter sermon with a prayer to “Mother God,” and things only devolved from there. He worked in references to health care for “transgender children” as well as a resurrection “prophecy” for “we who are black, we who are poor, we who are queer.” Pearson used a message that should have been focused on the resurrection of Jesus to torture the scriptures into supporting all of his political priorities and remake the risen Christ into the mascot of all “oppressed” groups.

Justin Pearson has gained national prominence after Tennessee Republicans expelled him and cohort Justin Jones from the state’s House of Representatives. Pearson and Jones are both black. Gloria Johnson, who is white, kept her seat by one vote. The trio participated in protests for gun reform on the House floor and joined demonstrators who disrupted the legislative session after the recent shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville. The racial dynamics of this incident made it easy for the media to turn questions of decorum and disciplinary procedure into an opportunity to resurrect Jim Crow for political gain.

Several videos of Pearson – who represents Memphis – went viral. It is easy to see why. His afro and southern preacher cadence are a throwback to the 1960s. One of his speeches drew several comparisons to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In many respects, Pearson is the perfect avatar for the role black men play in America’s most aggressive political movement. One of the most iconic slogans from the civil rights movement was popularized during the Memphis sanitation strike in 1968. But over the past 60 years, black men have gone from marching in the streets with signs declaring “I AM A MAN” to tweets refusing to answer the question “What is a woman?”

The reason is quite simple: Black men like Justin Pearson were leaders in the civil rights movement. Now they are obedient followers in the transgender cult. They publicly profess Christ but claim men can have babies because the faith they actually practice does not accommodate blasphemers, heretics, or apostates. They hold to dogma about the difference between sex and gender because they have been catechized and discipled by the leaders of the Pride Power movement.

It may be easy to assume the transition of black men from shepherds to sheep is a matter of youth and inexperience, but this cult counts men of all ages among its members.

Marc Lamont Hill, professor and media personality, is one of the most prominent converts to the cult. He is a vocal evangelist for the movement’s belief that men can get pregnant. He responded to criticism of his faith with equal parts certainty and incredulity: “I see that the heavily edited clip from my 2020 conversation with Candace Owens is making its rounds again. My position is the same: Yes, some men can get pregnant. Trans men. For some reason, some of you are deeply outraged by this. I’m not sure why this rattles y’all so much.”

Derrick Johnson, CEO of the NAACP, is also a convert. He recently presented Dwyane Wade and his wife, Gabrielle Union, with an award for their LGBT activism. The organization honored the power couple for their public support of their son’s gender “transition,” a move that signaled its own change in social and political priorities.

Black men in journalism have also been pulled into the trans cult. William Rhoden and Kevin Blackistone have spent decades covering sports. They understand the differences in strength, speed, and power between male and female athletes, but know they must act as if Penn swimmer Lia Thomas is the modern-day Jackie Robinson to stay in good standing with the left.

Even black men in leadership who don’t speak about transgenderism often have a place in this movement. New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave an official public endorsement of drag queens in public schools last year. The man who built his political image as a law-and-order former NYPD captain made his administration’s priorities very clear.

“Drag storytellers, and the libraries and schools that support them, are advancing a love of diversity, personal expression, and literacy that is core to what our city embraces.”

Social commentator Touré took to Twitter to give an enthusiastic defense of drag story hour, to which MSNBC legal analyst Elie Mystal replied, “They reading ain’t they?”

This is the state of black male leadership in a nutshell. Any black man who wants to hold public office, move up the corporate ladder, or have influence on the culture must eventually submit to the trans cult. They parrot all of the approved talking points, even if they don’t believe that people can actually change their sex. The desire for power, wealth, and influence constrains these men with golden handcuffs and silences them with a rainbow muzzle.

Like the radical feminists who have also sold out the sisterhood in favor of “Impossible Women,” these men don’t want to be seen as “oppressors” since their identity is built on being oppressed. These men are not billionaires, but they have something far more valuable than money. They provide the people pushing gender ideology with cultural capital and moral authority.

The left loves the fact that some of the most out, loud, and proud proponents of obliterating the sex binary today look just like the men who fought against the color line 60 years ago. Their black male allies give them cover to make the case that keeping boys out of girls’ sports is no different from segregating athletic competition by skin color.

Black men like Justin Pearson allow trans activists to promote “gender-affirming care” for teens as the new frontier for civil rights. They probably don’t know that the puberty-blocking drug leuprorelin has also been used to chemically castrate sex offenders.

That’s because these men are not revolutionaries or radicals. They are the black faces of Lupron liberalism.

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