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Whitlock: OJ, Portnoy, LeBron, Samuel L, and Kendrick Lamar promote ‘No Denying Abortion’ culture
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Whitlock: OJ, Portnoy, LeBron, Samuel L, and Kendrick Lamar promote ‘No Denying Abortion’ culture

Abortion on demand has long been the welfare check of feminism and the sexual revolution. It allows for sex without consequence or responsibility. It levels the playing field, freeing women to join irresponsible, weak, and displaced men in abandoning children before eye contact.

Modern feminism is nothing more than women’s fight to be as morally bankrupt and undisciplined as O.J. Simpson, Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffrey Epstein.

It should come as no surprise that men ruled by money and fame are seemingly all in agreement in their opinion on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Abortion is the culture’s get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s the lynchpin in normalizing the swipe-right hook-up freedom men and women untethered from biblical morality desire.

Friday’s Supreme Court ruling unmasked the high-profile, sex-without-consequence coalition that ties together Simpson, Dave Portnoy, LeBron James, Samuel L. Jackson, Kyler Murray, Kendrick Lamar, and so many more. Celebrity men took to Twitter this weekend to share outrage over the court’s decision to return the abortion debate back to the states.

O.J. Simpson released a video objecting. Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, called an emergency press conference to vent. LeBron claimed the ruling is “ABSOLUTELY ABOUT POWER & CONTROL!!" Samuel L. Jackson fired a racial slur at Justice Clarence Thomas. During a concert in England, Lamar donned a thorny crown and fake blood while shouting, “Godspeed to women’s rights.”

Murray, quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, tweeted: “No one should be able to force their beliefs on anyone’s body, that is not right. Sending love to our women.” Juan Thornhill, a defensive back for the Chiefs, added: “You can take this however you want but MEN should ‘NEVER’ be able to make decisions about what Women do with their body… it’s that simple.”

Well, actually it’s not that simple. But it is to boys and men raised in a matriarchal culture. They’d rather question God than question their mother.

I could go on listing other athletes and celebrities who offered apologies to women.

I get it. Most of these guys just want to get laid. And if their girlfriend or mistress gets pregnant in the process, they want the option of offering cash, a non-disclosure agreement, and an abortion. Two years ago, the boxer Adrien Broner confessed on his Instagram page: “Without abortions I would have almost 30 kids.”

We can’t do this. We can’t continue with a No Discipline Allowed or No Denying Abortion culture. It’s killing America by killing our respect for life. We can’t eliminate all standards of morality and self-responsibility. NDA is the enemy of self-governance.

Avoiding unwanted pregnancy is not that difficult. It requires a tiny amount of discipline. Condoms work. Abstinence has only failed one time in the history of mankind, and atheists believe the lone failure is a fairy tale. Vasectomies and tubal ligation are nearly as effective as abstinence. Birth control works.

More government intervention is not the right solution for a problem rooted in individual irresponsibility. Jakob Johnson, a fullback for the Raiders, reflected the thoughts of many people angered by the Supreme Court decision.

“Pro life better get to work: Paid maternal & paternal leave, universal healthcare, free child care, financial support for mothers, equitable k-12 education.”

Why do so many athletes believe the government fixes problems? That kind of thinking goes against everything they’re taught in sports. In sports, all solutions start with the man or woman in the mirror. The creation of a child is within the control of the man and the woman who climb into bed together. You surrender some of that control when you use drugs or alcohol to assist you in the pursuit of intimacy. We should make sex under the influence as unpopular as driving under the influence.

Weed and alcohol are the tools of the sexually weak. I know. I used to use those tools. They contributed to an unwanted pregnancy that ended in abortion. I did not know about or participate in the abortion. My irresponsible behavior contributed to the ending of a child’s life. I have to answer for that.

America is answering for cultivating a secular culture intent on removing all morality. The culture has corrupted the athletic world. Athletes, once symbols of this nation’s highest ideals and values, are unapologetic, money-obsessed rock stars.

Can you blame them? America’s spiritual leaders have surrendered to the exact same temptation. The lure of popularity has seduced many ministers to avoid speaking on modern culture. Speaking against the savagery of abortion could upset a significant portion of any female-dominated congregation. It’s similar to the calculation many in the church made during the civil rights movement and before the Civil War.

My favorite minister, Tulsa’s Mike Todd, made no reference to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. He spoke for 2.5 hours yesterday. His church is filled with young people. Many of them, I would assume, are sexually active and need guidance on an issue as pervasive as the abortion debate.

Leadership voids get filled. O.J. Simpson, LeBron James, Kendrick Lamar, Kyler Murray, Samuel L. Jackson, and Dave Portnoy are more than happy to tell young people what to think on any topic. Their advice serves their lifestyle and their life experience. They’re the gods of the culture weak men created, the gods of a culture that preys on young women with NDAs and abortions.

Strong men must rebuke their advice.

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