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FL Pastor: NYC Imam Has Two Hours to Contact Me


Deadline passes without a response.

Terry Jones, the pastor who had planned to burn Korans on 9/11, has given Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf a two hour deadline to contact him to confirm if the Imam is in fact planning on moving the mosque slated to be built near Ground Zero. The deadline expires at 3:20 pm ET.

Still, it is unclear what will happen if Jones is not contacted. Jones himself did not deliver the message, but rather had another pastor, K. A. Paul, deliver the challenge. Paul gave out two numbers that the Imam can use to contact Jones.

"There is a confusion going on," Paul said. "We want to clear that confusion."

Toward the end of his statement, Paul did admit that while legally Jones has a right to burn Korans, it is not the right thing to do. He also echoed Jones's earlier statements that he had been "clearly deceived" by a local Florida Imam who he says promised that Rauf had agreed to move the Ground Zero Mosque.


According to Graham Fitzgerald of Sky News, the pastor's deadline has passed without word from Imam Rauf. Fitgerald reports that Pastor Hall, who's been acting as a spokesman this afternoon, has asked Pastor Jones not to burn any copies of the Koran despite not hearing from the imam.

Hall also said he and Pastor Jones still hope to fly to New York to meet the imam and resolve their differences over the proposed mosque near Ground Zero peacefully.

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