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Head of New Jersey teachers union makes... $550,000/year?


Woah.  If I were a dues-paying member of the New Jersey Education Association, I'd be po'ed.

Before any more teachers in the state condemn Gov. Chris Christie, they might want to look at their own union leadership.  The director of the NJEA, Vince Giordano, last year raked in a reported $550,000 -- that's twice Christie's pay as the state's chief executive ($175,000/year) and more than 10-times the salary of the average American worker.

NJEA president Barbara Keshishian earned $256,450 last year and VP Wendell Steinhauer and Secretary-Treasurer Marie Blistan were paid $170,974 each.

And since their dues are going to pay the salaries for these union leaders, is it not fair for Gov. Christie to assume the state's teachers are being sufficiently compensated as well?

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